Prince George Indigenous Band Speaks about White Supremacist Black Metal Bands

This blog has featured several bands from the Black Metal scene who maintain white supremacist and neo-Nazi National Socialist values and ideology. Tonight I am pleased to offer a CBC Radio interview with two First Nations fellows I know well from northern BC. Their band name is the Salt Water Brothers. I went to post-secondary school with these lads.

Spencer  Greening and Jeremy Pahl approached a few years ago in the university after seeing an article about me in a local Prince George newspaper. He told me that they played in a First Nations, T’simshian, Black Metal band. He told me how they suspected many people in their circle were white supremacists. I indicated that the presumption that Black metal bands are often white supremacist was true. I indicated I was familiar with many of the guys he was suspicious about. They asked if I would come to a concert in Prince George and see if I may know members from a band that was from Edmonton who was in town Begrime Exemious. They asked me to come because they knew I was a former racist skinhead  from Edmonton.

I attended the concert and low and behold the front man in the the band was a young lad that I had recruited into the white supremacist movement many years ago. I spoke with the singer of Begrime, Brian Leland for the first time in ten years. The last time I had spoke to him he ended up retreating to another province after we had a falling out. Needless to say I was an abusive arsehole at that time in my life. Brian was a youth I recruited and who looked up to me a lot. I had no care, nor concern for him at that time. I hurt him. This still bothers me today, along with the other hundreds of violent crimes I had committed.

After the concert I de-briefed with Spencer and Jeremy. They later asked me to drive their tour bus for them. I drove their band’s tour bus for a week throughout BC on their Canadian Tour. They were on tour with the headliner band Inquisition, who are white supremacists. I featured these neo-Nazis in this past article. However, Jeremy and Spencer did not fully believe that the band the looked up to could be white supremacists or neo-Nazis. After I made it apparent and unfolded facts that the band members from inquisition were linked to the same organization I once belonged to solidified my claims.

Needless to say these events did impact Jeremy and Spencer in many negative ways, as it would for any logical person. To discover many of your peers are actually racists and white supremacists would present a challenging position for any person who did not share those values. It is unfortunate that Black Metal has gone mainstream to the point where you can buy the  band BURZUM’s albums in local music stores. BURZUM are National Socialist racists, yet this bands music is sold in nearly every record store in Canada. Local music shops sell BURZUM T-shirts even. I see BURZUM T-shirts in high schools and even on UNBC campus.  The bands that Jeremy and Spencer are discussing in this CBC interview are the same bands I have featured in my blog articles; along with many others I have not yet got too. Be patient…I will be featuring more bands as time comes.

Now to spotlight these brave indigenous musicians:

Jeremy Pahl, a local indigenous musician, who had written a letter for one of my blog articles about Prince George white supremacists and local hate crimes.

Spencer Greening, Jeremy’s cousin, talk about their journey from being a Black Metal band to an acoustic political activist band.

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These boys have transformed from a power based metal band to cultural representation of the resiliency of indigenous cultures. They mix humour with serious political issues such as genocide, racism, and environmental issues. It is my hope that Jeremy and Spencer will continue to carry on with their impressive work.

This interview on CBC was awesome. I especially like how the make out these Black Metal bands to be foolish and ridiculous. That is because they are.

Unfortunately many people are stuck in mindsets of hate. We can look at the bands like Inquisition, Begrime Exemious, Oroborous, Godless North, and even Blasphemy.

It is nice to hear a success story about youth who have walked away from a genre of music filled with hatred and white supremacist ideologies and (neo-)Nazi symbolism.

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About Daniel Gallant

Daniel is a social worker (MSW,RSW) and is a current student of law, who is also an emerging writer and has been published internationally in literary journals. Poetry is his primary creative processing tool, and also has published creative non-fiction (auto-biographic). He has a B.A. in First Nations Studies. I am a consultant for media, scholars, and government bodies about violent right wing extremism in Canada and a trained counsellor; Daniel offers services to individuals seeking to leave violent extremist lifestyles, and facilitates public speaking on matters of resiliency. Daniel presents Scholars from the Underground Blog in order to promote transformation and to contribute to create safe spaces in society for true cultural transformation. Canada has to move from a racist nation to an inclusionary society. We are blessed to live in a space and time where we can now talk openly about these social issues. Daniel welcomes you to is Blogosphere.

5 responses to “Prince George Indigenous Band Speaks about White Supremacist Black Metal Bands”

  1. Évariste Galois says :

    You sir, are an ignorant son of a bitch. Burzum is not a National-Socialist racist band and for that matter, Burzum consists of only one person who helped pioneer the whole genre. Also, who cares if there is racism in the genre? You find racism in EVERYTHING, and racism does not, never has and never will represent the genre. Perhaps we should be attacking ruthless, racist country music because confederate rednecks obviously represent the whole genre also, right? -.-

    By the way, if you actually listen to Burzum and aren’t just another twit that has to be listening to music that has the attention span of 3 minutes, then you’d realize that the music itself can conjure strong images of Pagan mythology and history and creates many perfect atmospheres. Honestly, I can see you’re still a Nazi and probably will be for life because in case you hadn’t noticed, how you attack the genre is perfectly Nazi. Great work! Haven’t lost the flame, I see?

    You have not done any research on the subject and have obviously been listening to Jeremy’s anal-retentive yodeling once more. So thank you for the diaper full of bullshit, now how about you back off and stop demonizing things if you can help it. Stupid old news, the number of comments shows exactly what this article is worth.

    • Daniel Gallant says :

      Actually I have done my research for several years, and still do not claim to know everything, nor to have every exact fact reported. What I do know is that NSBM and nazi-like bands, music, symbology and ideology are entrenched within this genre.

      Did you seriously complain that I was ‘demonizing’ black metal?
      Doesn’t Black Metal fame itself as a whole as ‘demonic’?

      ….hmmmm, interesting.

  2. GreyAshPrayer says :

    This article has almost no real research except hearsay, but I have to ask…how the hell is Blasphemy, with a black guitarist, considered neo-Nazi, as you allude?

    • Daniel Gallant says :


      First, I can fully appreciate your message. This article is a short piece, but this is not as you claim that it is: hearsay. Although, I can understand your conclusion because of the ambiguous nature of this commentary blog article.

      Hearsay is often third party like information and that is not the case in point. I know, or have known, most of the people mentioned in this article. I do have a database to back up ‘my claims.’ They are not included in this particular article, no.

      The blog article is merely an introduction to a much wider project. I am currently writing a book on this matter. Thus, what you state “no real research” is not illustrated in this article. You are correct.

      This is a commentary piece with anecdotal personal experiences. Although, personal experience does come as a method of research, but we will avoid that topic at least for now.

      Now to answer your question, Blasphemy has several non-‘white’ dudes. Also, Blasphemy, used to take an anti-Nazi stand on the streets of East Van when there was a full throttle presence of Black Metal Skinheads in the area. I lived in East Van as a street kid at the time. I had several interactions with the band.

      In recent times, Dave Reyes has posed wearing Nazi clothing and has close affiliation with a couple of people from Blood & Honour. Namely, Allistair Miller and Robert Dechazal who both set a man from the Philippines on fire while he was past out on the street. In addition, David Reyes also has posed in pictures with Mashruk Huq with Nazi flag.

      I knew Mash from the past when I was involved in the white supremacist movement in Western Canada. He is a Nazi sympathizer and very anti-Semitic, which is the shared link between them.

      Lastly, the ‘black’ guy in Blasphemy who I believes goes by some ridiculous name like the ‘Caller of the Storms,’ or something like that, is friends with Canada’s most notorious NSBM extremists.

      I will add that should you, or anyone else’s, response be that someone cannot be a Nazi if they have non-‘white’ friends, I will tell you upfront that is not true. that statement is as ridiculous as someone stating they cannot be racist if they have a ‘coloured’ friend.

      In fact, prominent nazis and neo-Nazis are not what they call fully white or aryan; however, there is no such thing as pure blood. Science has disproven that archaic idea. Moreover, it is conclusive that race is not a social determinant and race is in fact a social construction. Nazi-types and fascists do have allieships with those many would think is contradictory, but there is a larger dynamic happening there and that is way to much to include in this response.

      …but you asked a question and there is my response.

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