Today I found this blog that quoted my blog…It made me smile and feel appreciated.


Much like the tattoo process, I had to feel the pain and go through it.  I now know that the best way to to take pain, is to taste the pain. To embrace the pain. To lay back and breath, then when it becomes unbearable and my limit is reached, take a break. Then come back another day and taste the pain again.”   – DANIEL GALLANT

Pain.  It demands to be felt and demands recognition.  Self inflicted or not, any suffering we endure will be seemingly endless.  There is nothing on this earth that is capable of taking it away, but time.  All we can do is breath through it. Embrace it.  As time passes, the pain will merely fade. For the remainder of our lives, we will carry its memory with us.

Happiness doesn’t come as a result of receiving what we don’t have

…But instead by…

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About Daniel Gallant

Daniel is a social worker (MSW,RSW) and is a current student of law, who is also an emerging writer and has been published internationally in literary journals. Poetry is his primary creative processing tool, and also has published creative non-fiction (auto-biographic). He has a B.A. in First Nations Studies. I am a consultant for media, scholars, and government bodies about violent right wing extremism in Canada and a trained counsellor; Daniel offers services to individuals seeking to leave violent extremist lifestyles, and facilitates public speaking on matters of resiliency. Daniel presents Scholars from the Underground Blog in order to promote transformation and to contribute to create safe spaces in society for true cultural transformation. Canada has to move from a racist nation to an inclusionary society. We are blessed to live in a space and time where we can now talk openly about these social issues. Daniel welcomes you to is Blogosphere. http://scholarsfromtheunderground.com

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