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My First Book: Bruise Faced Child


(Photo by Brent Braaten – Prince George Citizen)

As many of you know, my childhood and youth were fraught with abuse, violence and adversity. For the last fifteen years, I have worked my ass off and completed 2 degrees, including a Masters in Social Work; now near complete a Law Degree.

Recently I published my first book: Bruise Faced Child (Click on link to purchase a copy in USA).

Or this link to buy from Canada.


The Prince George Citizen has published this article about my book.




Rape’s Seed and Canola

Supreme Court of Canada decision Monsanto Canada Inc. v. Schmeiser, 2004, was a patent challenge revolving around canola seed. Monsanto did alter the genetic make up of canola and subsequently patented the altered genetic make up.

The wind picked up the seeds and blew them around the area beyond the boundaries of the property of neighboring field.

A farmer had collected the seeds from neighboring canola field that had be strewn upon the road and stuck on power poles.

When Monsanto discovered that the farmer was growing and then selling the patented canola crop, litigation followed.

While sitting in my property law class I was reminded of the smell of the yellow fields in northern Alberta. Some days we would ride our bicycles down the dirt road out to the Rape Seed fields. We were told Rape Seed was another name for canola.

In fact, canola and Rape Seed are not the same. However, the memories triggered from my youth and the sea of yellow along the highway on our way to Grande Prairie or Edmonton. We would travel these roads often after the onslaught of domestic abuse that often occurred within the four thin walls of our mobile home (aka trailer park).

Oil Seed Rape Fields, Bad Doberan, Germany

Rape’s Seed

ocean’s yellow

pollen rays’ heat

fields prairie’d canola

line after line

after line

seeded affects transform

seasoned processes copulate

birth sprouts erupt seeds sown

blossomed rape spurts into fields

waves and swells roll out

aired reproduction

nasal pollenated rape

annual swells roll

in expansion

fluids collect

through rolling ocean’s

swollen yellow

rape pollenates children’s lungs


Moostoos faces discrimination from OXFORD Property Group

First, I want to introduce you to my teacher and brother Gary Moostoos.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.07.52 PM

Before I tell you about the incident that screams discrimination against Gary Moostoos on behalf of OXFORD Properties Group Inc., I want to offer you a quick bio about myself, which will make more sense by time you get to the end of this article.

My name is Daniel Gallant and I am a former violent white supremacist. I was a street kid for many years in the downtown eastside of Vancouver. I suffered sexual and physical abuse as a child. I was angry and lost. Since that time I changed my life. At the age of 26 I started post-secondary school with a grade seven education. After my first year of school is when I met Gary Moostoos, which was about 12 years ago. Since that time I have worked as a frontline human services worker, group home manager, counselor, researcher and advocate. I now have a BA in First Nations Studies and a Masters in social work, which Gary Moostoos is included within. I am currently a student of law in Kamloops, BC. My public work can be found in the media throughout the world. I am currently the director of Exit Canada, which is a non-profit that assists other violent extremists to leave violent lifestyles.

I tell a story of how Gary and my other friend Jerry have taught me lessons. This story called Scars of Past won a writer’s award at the UNBC Weaving Words National Indigenous Storytelling festival in Prince George during 2013. This is attributed and dedicated to Gary and Jerry.

…so basically my point is that without the support and love from people like my teacher and brother Gary Moostoos I would likely have continued on with my violent rampages and not experienced the profound degree of change that I have been gifted. Now more about OXFORD, Gary and the issue at hand…

Gary Moostoos is a First Nations Cree Elder in Edmonton, Alberta; Gary is from Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.08.24 PM

Gary’s work is recognized across Canada and he worked along with Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings across the nation. Media, Edmonton Police Services and the community of Edmonton have recognized Gary as an elder, teacher and healer.

Gary Moostoos has dedicated his life to assisting and supporting indigenous peoples who are in need. Gary’s commitment to helping people started over a quarter century ago. He worked in a hospital supporting people whom were sick, then as a youth worker for many years he assisted youngsters in connecting with cultural practices and spiritual teachings. Gary currently is employed as he works with homeless populations and survivors of the residential school system.

Instead of recounting his words I am going to offer you Gary’s facebook post of an incident he faced this week at the downtown Edmonton City Centre:

“Oh my gosh I was eating noodles at City Center food court & a couple Security approach & stand over me as I eat. They asked for my name I asked Why? The one says that I looked suspicious & look like a person they banned. I asked who was this person & that they see me every day as I shop there & have to walk through there everyday to get to work. They then said I had to go. I asked to speak to the supervisor. Then she came with another fellow. She took a picture of me and said that I was associating with people who are banned & known criminals. I said I worked for the homeless and an Elder & I associate with whom ever needs support. Soon there was 8 of them & they asked me to leave my meal & go. I kept my composure I did not swear or was rude. 12 security escorted me out and said I was banned for 6 months. People were telling me they were banning native people all day. So when they approached me I turn my video on my phone. I wanna cry with all sorts of emotions running through me mostly NOW I feel how my inner city folks feel when they are targets. I don’t even wanna listen to the video. What should I do? I made a few calls but it leads back to one of the security that escorted me out… “

Aside from the racism Gary faces everyday in Edmonton, which I have witnessed first hand, he is now being condemned by a security team for merely doing his job. This is gross application of discriminative property rights in quasi-public areas conducted by a team of individuals who appear to have little regard for vulnerable populations and indigenous peoples.

I want to add a few more pieces of information about Gary Moostoos [see bottom for links to Gary’s work]. I include this link to my master’s thesis in social work because Gary has been monumental in my personal transformation from a violent white supremacist to a social justice advocate and practitioner. Gary has been instrumental in my life and the change therein. Moreover, I have gone on to help many people, which would not have been possible without Gary. Not only is Gary a healing practitioner for aboriginal peoples but he is also a practitioner for assisting all Canadians heal from racism and violence.

The conduct of the security team that works for OXFORD Property Group Inc. who manage the majority of the downtown Edmonton core has made a huge mistake by seemingly conducting themselves unprofessionally and abusing their powers as property owners, whether legally and or morally and ethically. Whether this conduct was manifested due to racial profiling or whether it was due to affiliation to ‘undesirables’ is merely seen as a minuet discrepancy or syntax. Either way OXFORD are reportedly attacking vulnerable peoples, Edmonton indigenous peoples and vulnerable people living in poverty, in the downtown Edmonton core who often access particular shops in the City Center Mall.

A direct and public apology to Gary Moostoos would be appropriate. A political gesture to show support for Edmonton’s homeless community from OXFORD Properties Group Inc. would also seem appropriate in response to this awful scenario. A gesture of this sort from OXFORD would both compliment and assist Gary Moostoos in his work of helping our society change. We as a society need to collectively move away from discrimination and abuse of powers. OXFORD should recognize the amount of work and the degree of Gary Moostoos’ commitment and work that he embodies.

Gary deserves more respect than this from those employed by OXFORD Property Group.

Here is a list of articles about Gary Moostoos’ work:

Aboriginal Voices Profiles

Spiritual adviser brings hope to the lost

Ottawa Citizen

Local Work

Boyle Street Stabbing

Traditional Drumming

Homeless Memorial

Boyle Street Memorial


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Pools Stream from a Blood Moon


The other night there was a blood moon eclipse.Blood.Pools.Screen Shot

Daniel Gallant and the Inquisition


Here is a list of published interviews and articles written in heavy metal magazines as a result of my work over the last several years.

I am putting them in chronological order for your reference…but first, here is a summary of the background story to go along with my interview [which you can view here, but I recommend you read them all to understand context].

…I had posted blog articles about several black metal bands who have affiliation with right wing extremists and terrorist individuals and or groups. I did however remove the articles a little over a year ago. I removed them because of the amount of energy I exerted in countering the blow back and threats I was receiving during my Masters Thesis writing on the topic of counter terrorism.

Since that time I have started to do research for a book I am currently writing. I have been doing interviews with band members and others who have experience with right wing extremism, anti-Semitism and racism within the metal scene. I will be revealing facts about the emergence of the heavy metal scene and white supremacist movement that has become fairly prevalent in Western Canada. The networks seem to be centralized in Alberta, more specifically in Edmonton.

I have been researching public activity of several bands and their members for several years. In several instances, I have had past affiliations with many of these individuals while I was a white supremacist. I was acquaintances and or friends with many of these people. Me and another individual had initiated a network that bridged both the white supremacist movement and black metal community in Edmonton. Shortly after this time I had left the white power movement.

As my life continued to transform people began to ask me to do public speaking events. I continued with my educational path and became increasingly more articulate. I started to hone my critical thinking skills through a combination of lived experience and education. Through my professional career as a social service manager, counsellor and researcher my voice has been amplified through media sources and other forms of public engagement, via my writing. Throughout all of the work I have done on the existing links between right wing extremists, along with their sympathizers, and black metal’rs within the metal scene. The mainstream media has refused to address this issue, until recently.

In the last week the heavy metal community in North America has been conversing about this topic. I am sure these discussions are not yet over. The black metal band Inquisition was on the Metal Alliance tour bill. To play on this bill with more mainstream bands was a major break for Inquisition. However, with a mainstream presence the lingering connections Inquisition boasted of has come to bite them in the ass. Jason (aka Dagon) claims his music is artistic and metaphoric, but with other considerations such as symbolism, music lyrics, personal connections, statements and online activity it is very clear there is more than just artistic representation of Nazism. I will throw Dagon a bone though, perhaps his who life is centred around being an artistic and therefore he feels he can say and do what he pleases, no matter the cost of how it impacts and harms others. Surely the dissemination of hatred does in fact hurt others, surely Jason ‘Dagon’ must understand this.

A fellow blogger read my comments on a mutual friend’s facebook status. This mutual friend understands the depths of racism within the metal scene from lived experience. It seems most people do not support her perspective, I would suggest that is because the metal scene is predominantly white males; angry white males. My dear friend is a courageous woman who promotes diversity within the metal scene. She has even wrote a book about this topic. My fellow blogger then wrote this article on his blog. There are people whom I love and care for within the metal scene who continue to face racism, discrimination and right wing extremists. These right wingers do not care about the feelings of those they are harming. As I was a vehement white supremacist I understand these dynamics and will step forward to speak directly to those that are disseminating hatred and deliberately hurting people, or at minimum seemingly apathetic to causing discomfort to others.

The above blog article then resulted in this heavy metal article that conferred that Inquisition were probably Nazi.

I then received a tweet from Decibel Magazine. Decibel challenged me to ‘go on record.’


Before Decibel would confirm a time to interview me they interviewed Jason, front man of Inquisition. Jason claims he is not a Nazi. Perhaps his right wing leanings and promotion of violence is not Nazism by definition, but then again maybe that is just semantics to deter from the point. In all fairness to the band and me, both, I never did call them Nazis.

Even Jason Dagon’s fans begin to berate him as a result of his double talk, lack of integrity, and his obvious self-contradictions. There are hundreds of comments within the online pool I have waded through. Here are a few samples.



Dagon needs backup



One of Inquisition’s fans posted this claiming it was Jason aka Dagon (who goes by 88MM as his black metal forum handle on FMP666) who posted this comment:


Then this online magazine picked up the story.

Then, this one.

Then, the blogger who first broke this story last week posted this follow up article.

Then, online magazine MetalSucks offered this analysis.

Then the first magazine that broke the story into the mainstream wrote this follow up.

Last but not least Decibel Magazine interviewed me and was published Monday May 5, 2014. I find it quite interesting that I was interviewed by a reputable heavy metal magazine, and I do not play any instruments. That is the comedic part, but none of this stuff is actually humorous. It is sad and disturbing.

Then there was another follow-up article here.

Lastly, the first metal magazine to publish an article on this matter posted this story.

Advocacy, Consultancy, Public Speaking and Research Website: Daniel c. Gallant

Here is the link to my new website for public speaking, advocacy, consulting, research and educational resource development.

Cleveland, Nothing but Problems: Customer critique of warranty, manufacture quality and service of Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW), Tha Heist

Nothing but Problems: Cleveland Cycle Werks (CCW): Tha Heist (Limited Edition Model #12)



Seeing how spring and motorcycle season is around the corner, I know people will be pumped up for motorcycle buying season. I promised myself last year to publish this article in 2014 spring season.

This post is a summary of my experiences and opinions of the quality (or lack thereof) of CCW manufacturing, distributing of their product Tha Heist, AKA Mr. Gutsy. This awesome looking bike is not so awesome. I was so disappointed with the warranty, service, and quality of the product. Here is a summarized story of my experience and bold opinion.


After owning a CCW Heist for only a month with about 1200 kms on the odometer my bike is nothing but a piece of junk that looks beautiful. It rides great when things are not falling off the bike or when it is in the shop.

After joining several CCW forums on social media sites I have found a trend of experiences from a collective of customers who are not happy with CCW products or the treatment they are receiving from both the dealers and distributors of CCW products in Canada and in the USA.

Purchase Date: May 09, 2013


I first seen Tha Heist advertised on the internet as being advertised by the local dealer in Prince George, BC, at Summit Power Tools. I rushed down to their shop to see this Bobber. I have always wanted a Bobber. My favorite bike is a Triumph 1960/70s Bobber.

2012-06-26 00.13.56

(This is a picture of fritz’s bike from PGVMCC)

I once set out to make a Bobber but with limited mechanical skills, time and resources I decided against it. Then all of a sudden Tha Heist came available and it is an aesthetically pleasing machine. It is the nicest factory bike I have ever laid my eyes on.

2012-06-26 06.54.43

I began to do some research and found a couple of seemingly minor issues with the bike. Specifically it was about the fork seals. After talking to the sales rep at Summit Power Tools in Prince George, BC, he assured me that this new model was up to par and that the failing fork seals would not be an issue.

The dealer told me he wanted to buy one for himself but he did not order enough. He said that they are selling so fast it is crazy. He also indicated that the any other issues that arise would be covered by warranty within the first year. I decided to pay for the bike and take it home.

I was ecstatic.


…but then the troubles started.

May 19, 2013, email to Summit Powertools from Daniel Gallant:

(*edits have been made to my emails because I had several spelling mistakes due to writing emails on cell phone)

Hey Steven

This is Daniel I bought the heist from you.

I have gone over more of the bike last night. There are things I noted and want to inquire about warranty please keep in mind the bike has only been in my possession for a week.

1) front fender is rubbing on front tire. The fender is warped I believe and there is no fixing it. I tried several things (to resolve this issue) and this is warranty issue.

2) the accelerator cable is already frayed and worn out (was actually wrecked by a pair of pliers which was very obvious) and is going to break soon. (Bike) has under 500 km on it

3) speedometer does not gauge speed and odometer turns over even when idling sometimes

4) control panel on throttle side slides around and is not locked I have tightened it. Finally after being frustrated, I found (a hole) inside the (handle) bar for a plastic (or metal) stud to go into, but there is no stud (and) cannot see a break. So housing needs to be replaced

5) brake line bracket off front fender has an extra part. I am unsure, but it looks to me like that was intended for speedo cable and if so is missing the bracket for the speedo cable side.

There are few other minor things I am not happy with and worried about the mechanisms. I am asking you to reply to this email to confirm receipt. The distributor should be informed immediately, is what my CCW contact told me.

I do want these issues resolved. I love the ride and style (of this bike) but some of these parts after 1 week are breaking down. That is unacceptable. I know for you this is a new bike to sell. So lets work together here.

Now we have documentation started. I have spoke to several people in Canada who have purchased Tha Heist, and are experiencing same problems with speedo, fender and control panel. The dealers they dealt with have ignored them and pushed them aside. I am confident you will not do that.

I love the bike but with these issues, I would entertain returning the bike. The quality (or lack thereof) here is unacceptable. You had mechanics put bike together and I trust they did things correct. Thus, deductive reasoning informs us that this bike has a few crappy mechanisms that would cost me more money to replace with better quality parts. After doing the math I would be further ahead to buy another bike.

I request you respond to this email with a solution within next seven days. Thanks for your help.


Daniel Gallant

May 19, 2013, Follow-up email:


Just noting an amendment to my last message, after reviewing brake line and speedo cable the part I thought was extra is not, and does belong where it is. But it seems maybe one of the bracket pieces for speedo side of cable may be missing. The parts assembly I am looking at, has the parts on the bike but not exactly as shown as the assembly map. Nonetheless it is still an issue but not exactly as I noted.

The only way to correct the fender issue is by cutting the front fender as it sure looks warped, the fender not the bracket. There is going to be at least a couple hundred bucks for parts I need already. Please let me know what you think we should do here. The bike has a 1-year warranty and the fact it needs parts already is not ok in any way shape or form. It is just a matter of fact. No hard feelings. But I know through dealing with corporations this stuff needs to be documented, plus I am leaving town with my bike for a couple of weeks. So emails will be easiest communication. I can send you a link to the parts I need and the prices if you wish; then perhaps the distributor can provide those to you.

If I have to bring my bike in and leave it at the shop for any period of time; I will request a refund so I can purchase a new bike that does not need parts so soon. It is these darn cheap plastic and basic maintenance parts that are creating a trouble. Unfortunately you and I are left to manage this mess.

For your information I have been compiling a list of issues new Heist customers/owners are having both with parts and dealers…its crazy!

Same issues I am having, of course minus the dealer issues (in my case). They are all on the limited version, but definitely as I collect more info it will be the other bikes as well. I am scared of these carbs now because of the plastic mechanisms.

Please let me know of anything you need (from me) to resolve this issue.

Anyways I won’t bother you, but please confirm receipt of emails and reply within a week. I will note and send any other ongoing issues that arise this way it can better inform me as a customer and keep you posted as a dealer so you know what to expect to hear from other customers.

Daniel Gallant

May 20, 2013, Reply from CCW Dealer Summit Powertools:

Hi Daniel, thank you for letting me know your concerns and issues with the Heist, as a new dealer to this product we need to know the issues that we are going to come across as we move forward. As a CCW dealer I will defiantly be taking care of the warranty issues with your bike, I do however have to have the bike here to do warranty work and order the appropriate parts for the bike. Because we, Summit Power Tools, have the authorized techs to do the warranty work, we have to have our tech diagnose the problem in our shop to be able to get the warranty parts and labour from CCW. If you cannot leave the bike here for more than a day, we will find what all we need to order and you can then take the bike until we have the parts here, then you can bring the bike back to have the parts changed. However we have been reassured from our distributor that parts should be no longer than one week away from ordering.

Thank you


May 20, 2013 Reply From Daniel Gallant:


Then I should bring the bike to you asap because I must leave the province very soon.


Daniel Gallant

May 20, 2013 reply from Summit Powertools:

Absolutly, sooner the better, thank you. We are open 8am to 5pm tues to sat.


After I took the bike in for repairs, which took two days in the shop, I came and picked the bike up. The dealer informed me that the odometer was jumping only because the bike had so much vibration. This comment of course pissed me off, the bike is a 230cc; there is nearly no vibration! The fact that they said this little 250cc had enough vibration because it was a rigid frame is a joke. Moreover, I have friends with rigid frames and the parts don’t fall off because of road vibrations neither.

I was also told that the clutch squealing (which was not in the above emails) was horrendous at times. He told me that it was a new bike and they will do that. I did not respond because I did not want to tell him he was full of shit. I could already see a mountain of trouble with this CCW product coming.

After riding, I of course had to email him with an update on the issues.

May 23, 2013, Email from Daniel Gallant:


Hope your week is well. Thanks for getting on those issues for me. Just letting you know The speedo is even worse now.


May 24, 2013, Response from dealership: Summit Powertools:

I’ll get a new one on order. Thanks

Part III

Now the problem with this last email is that the dealer never ordered the part until a week later; which is confirmed by the dealer representative at Summit Power Tools. I then leave town to Edmonton, Alberta, in order to do a course to prepare for the LSAT because I plan to go to Law School.

May 30, 2013, from Daniel Gallant:


I am currently in Edmonton.

I am wondering if speedo has arrived yet or not.

Also there is an issue with bike. It won’t start. Battery reads as charged. I can boost bike no problem. Is it possible that is the charging system or definitely a battery issue?


Daniel Gallant

May 30, 2013, reply from dealership: Summit Powertools:

Is it turning over? And no I have not received the speedo yet I just ordered it last night.



This is where I started to get real frustrated. This CCW product has just over 500 kms on the odometer and is already starting to leave me stranded on the side of the road.

By this time as well I had been posting my experiences on a social media group called Tha Riders. I was booted out of the group and blocked because the people were angry that I was being so explicit and repeatedly venting my frustration with this product and customer service.

June 4, 2013, email from Daniel Gallant:

Hey Steven,

I had to buy a new battery and it is running currently but does seem like it may be charging issue as the new battery seems to be losing juice but of course I won’t know for a bit longer.

I arranged for another dealer here in Edmonton to look at charge system, but I am advocating this be done at no cost. This dealer had a concern about how my forks were filled with too much oil. He said definitely the stiffness in comparison to their bike is that they (the forks) are either over full or they are filled with to heavy of oil. I have appointment to get that serviced as well. I am advocating to have that covered by warranty. Please let me know a.s.a.p. what oil was used for forks or if they were filled up to specs. I have found a group of Tha Heist owners who are compiling  their experiences which include failing forks and drive bearings  and bolts sheering off that cause near miss accidents.

From the information I have collected it has been reported (to me) that CCW blames the PDI and the PDI (dealer) blames the company. This pattern across Canada and USA, which has me overly concerned with just cause and valid evidence including videos photos and documented stories.

As well my ongoing mechanical issues leads to the point that I am confused as to how a battery can die out in three works. Perhaps another sign of failing parts.

My speedo has increasingly got worse. Now the needle is busted in pieces.

There has been a light that has fallen off as well. I know your dad said that the odometer turning while not in motion is due to vibration. But I really don’t think that this small 250 would do that. There are many hard tails out there that DO NOT have all of these issues.

After the amount of failings with this bike I am thoroughly disappointed (after all of these issues).

I love the bike and aesthetic. But with these problems and the info I have acquired since my purchase I am actually scared of riding this bike. So this is my second request that you as a dealer to consider a refund. I don’t want to be injured by failing parts. I should not be concerned while operating a machine like this.

I know you are not happy with how this has turned out as the tension seemed very thick last time I was in the store, which was very different than when I bought my bike.

I know you’re a business man in a small city and you have a great reputation. I am also a strong local advocate and have a local presence with legal matters in Prince George on other issues relating to social justice. I believe together we can do what we can to resolve this issue.

I am thoroughly concerned about this product and with some basic research time one can find all of these issues online. Since this is CCW’s biggest year more issues are reported near daily. There are a group of CCW customers who are concerned for their safety. I am one of them. Selling the bike is not an option for two reasons 1) I would not sell a product I dont trust 2) I would lose a lot of money

Please contact me as soon as possible about options here as resolve. Also please let me know answers to the above questions about ongoing mechanical issues with my bike, which is causing us both headaches. A headache that has cost me 4500.00$


Daniel Gallant

June 10, 2013, reply from dealership: Summit Powertools:

Hello Daniel, your bike is still on warranty so if your have issues bring it in. If you want a refund we can work something out for sure. Thanks talk to you soon.

June 10, 2013, response from Daniel Gallant:


I will hopefully be back in Prince George within the next week. I am ready to do full refund surely. Let me know then we do not have to worry about anything else and I will bring the bike back to you and you can prepare things on your end to have cash on hand. I will ensure I have transfer papers signed. This bike rides great and is fun to ride but has way to many avoidable issues through manufacturing and so forth. I am disappointed but also ready to move on from this bike. Please confirm that you are prepared to give a full refund and I will come back to PG as soon as possible.

Daniel Gallant

June 10, 2013, response from Dealership: Summit Powertools:

Hi Daniel

I cannot give you a full refund, you have kept the bike for to long and put on more than just test ride worth of KMs. I will need to go over the bike and inspect to come up with a refundable amount.

Thanks, talk to you soon

June 10, 2013, reply from Daniel Gallant:


First off any thing less than full refund is unacceptable; especially since I made the suggestion after I first bought the bike when it was within the stipulations you just suggested.

Secondly, you indicated you personally wanted to buy one of these bikes to ride around town for the shop advertisements; there is no way you are using me to get the bike cheaper after making money off me as a customer.

Third this bike was purchased in the standard context of good faith under civil and commercial law. The bike’s manufactured parts have been problematic and so has pdi, which is a paid service.

I understand this is as much of an unwanted headache for you as it is for me. However, you made money off the headache I purchased.

Since you brought refund as a viable option I will opt to suggest that we seek legal mediation on this matter before looking at any further options.

Of course I am riding the bike I paid for it. If you want me to cease riding the bike now for a full refund. By the way the odometer says its been riding 20 kms. Thus you could technically give me a full refund. This just got a lot more complicated for us both.

I prefer to keep this dialogue in writing as the purchase of this bike seems to be filled with glitches. documentation is necessary.

I ask that you take time to reconsider a full refund and reply to me within the next 5 business days.

I will bring the bike to you if there are any further issues. Currently i am waiting to ride the bike after having it in a different dealer and to the distributor for repairs.

If you are not willing to do the refund, we will look at other options. I have already consulted resources and this does fall under an ability for full refund. However I am open to suggestions. Till then i hope your well.


Daniel Gallant


Canadian CCW Distributor

In addition to the top conversation I also had this following conversation through email with the Canadian distributor Visionary Motorsports, who are labeled as CCW Canada.

May 20, 2013, to CCW Distributor in Canada: Visionary Motorsports Webmaster from Daniel Gallant:



I am writing you today with problems with my Heist. I have discovered that I am not alone with issues with my Heist.

I have gone over more of the bike last few days. There are things I noted and want to inquire about warranty please keep in mind the bike has been in my possession for only a week.

1) front fender is rubbing on front tire. The fender is warped i believe an there is no fixing it. I trued several things and this is warranty issue

2) the accelerator cable is already frayed and worn out and is going to break soon. Has under 500 km on it

3) speedometer does not gauge speed and odometer turns over even when idling sometimes

4) control panel on throttle side slides around and is not locked i have tightened it finally after being frustrated i found inside there is whole in the bar for a plastic stud to go in but there is no stud cant see a break. So housing and panel needs to be replaced

5) brake line bracket off front fender was bent.

I do want these issues resolved. I love the ride and style but some of these parts after 1 week are breaking down and I am actually fearing to ride my bike now after reading several stories online of daily parts. I also have contacted Heist owners in Canada who have had issues with dealers that go unresolved. This is unacceptable.

I love the bike but with these issues I would entertain returning the bike. The quality here is unacceptable.

I request you respond to this email with a solution within next seven days. Thanks for your help.

Daniel Gallant

May 21, 2013, reply from CCW Canada Distributor: Visionary Motorsports:

Good morning Daniel,

Thank you for your e-mail, you’ve provided us with some key information and we greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for the bike.

We will have someone in our technical support department call you shortly.

Please provide us with your full serial number along with the dealer whom you purchased this from.

Thank you,

CCW Canada

May 21, 2013, reply to Canadian CCW distributor by Daniel Gallant:


Thank you for your quick response. I had sent the dealer an email as well as your distributing company. the dealer did respond last night. I brought the bike into the dealer this morning. They indicated they spoke with CCW, whether that is your distributor or CCW directly and will address all warranty issues. I appreciate your immediate support.

The name of the dealer is Summit Power Tools in Prince George BC.  Steven is the contact there and has indicated he will resolve the issues.

Does your distributing company also carry parts for Tha Heist?

If so there are a few after market parts I would like to order and would also like to order extra cables because the stock cables have already had issues, perhaps is merely a flaw in a single item or potentially just a result of the manufacturing. Lastly, the carb mechanism are plastic and I am wondering if metal components are available?

If you need any more information please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Daniel Gallant

May 22, 2013, reply to CCW Canada Distributor: Visionary Motorsports, from Daniel Gallant:

The dealer took care of my concerns up to this point. Thank you.


Daniel Gallant


At the beginning of June I had finally called the distributor. This was there response:

June 3, 2013, email from CCW Canadian Distributor: Visionary Motorsports:

Good afternoon Daniel,

As per our conversation, I have attached your proof of warranty registration which shows that your bike is brand new and still under warranty. I have also included a copy of a blank warranty registration – the below part states all that is and isn’t covered under warranty for your bike.

As for your Owner’s Manual please see the attached.

For parts listing we have the below website set up for dealers so kindly be aware pricing is off as this doesn’t include, GST/HST shipping or handling. This will give your breakdowns for parts that you are looking for

Our tech Mark may be contacted to discuss and approve any warranty issues you are having, Mark’s e-mail is:

I hope this helps & please feel free to contact us should you need anything else!

Jennifer Hartley

Office Manager

100, 17612 – 103 Ave, Edmonton, AB Canada T5S 1J9

Toll free: 1-866-601-7433 /

June 4, 2013, email to CCW Canada Distributor: Visionary Motorsports:

Mark and Jennifer,

I am writing you with an update of issues with bike. I know that you received my first detailed email about troubles I had with CCW Tha Heist in the first week after I purchased the bike, as I confirmed that with Jennifer.

I am currently in Edmonton with my bike. I purchased in Prince George. The dealer in PG did address the first issues mostly with two exceptions. 1) the speedo was not replaced but was reconnected. It was worse than previous. Now the needle has broke into bits as well. 2) the frayed accelerator cable was not replaced by dealer, rather I was informed they ‘snipped off’ the frayed ends.

Since these first set of concerns my bike broke down. From some simple checks it seems the brand new stock battery died in under 3 weeks and 900 km. Thus, the Edmonton dealer (because that is where I am) could not get a new stock battery. I had to pound pavement for a whole day to find a battery that fit. I paid for a new battery. It does seem like an electrical issue because sometimes the starting is very weak. So far it does not seem to be a charging system issue.

Also this week I had a reflector fall off the bike and my light assembly fall apart. When I bough the bike from PG dealer I was told to give the bike a ‘once over’. It is now turning into checking every nut n bolt before I ride anywhere. I do not know if this is a PDI, Assembly, or manufacture issue.

As well the Edmonton dealer informed me that my forks are to stiff as I compared this to their bikes in shop. The Edmonton dealer informed me that most likely this was due to too much oil in forks or to heavy an oil. I do not know the reason but compared to any bike I ever rode (and that is many) and compared to other identical CCW products mine seems very different. The Edmonton dealer stated they will be billing me for any and all work to this bike because they are a busy shop and if another dealer messed up the PDI it is not their problem and the warranty was voided. After I spoke to Jennifer yesterday I informed the Edmonton dealer of my discussion with her and the costs of warranty labour should be covered they informed me they do not agree and will look into this with the distributor and they then hurriedly said they will get back to me as if I was annoying them with piddly problems. It seems that when broaching both of these dealers thus far with mechanical issues and concerns the standard of practice is unwelcoming me as a customer. This is unacceptable and is a breech of warranty contract.

I have discovered several issues other CCW customers are having in western and eastern Canada with the product both because of PDI and mechanical quality. I am a graduate studies student and bought this bike in good faith.  In the USA there are several mechanical failings that are of grave concern.

I brought these issues forward to the dealer I purchased from and now has resulted in unwelcome treatment and safety concerns with my product purchase, Tha Heist. I have asked the dealer to refund me for this bike because there are so many issues in such a short period of time. I know this is very unlikely, but to be fair to me as a customer with all of these issues I think that is a fair resolve. I was misled by the quality of this bike to some degree. Also I was misled by the dealers representation of the mechanical integrity of their work. As minor or minimal as that may be this is unacceptable. I have been documenting all of these issues. I am confident after talking to Jennifer yesterday these issues will be resolved. I can appreciate CCW is a new product and has some bumps on the road, but this is not my issue to resolve and having to push so hard to get the attention this bike needs is unacceptable and is a breech of sales contract.

I love this bike’s aesthetic. So do many passer-bys. But because of the failing parts I do not have a confidence in the quality of the product. Due to other likewise customer purchases this year in both Canada and USA that have reportedly resulted in many near misses I do not have confidence in the bikes safety. Others are having similar problems with customer relations both in Ontario and Manitoba with dealers who refuse to help them. Meanwhile the failing parts are not only going to continue but will progressively get worse. Jennifer at Visionary has been more than helpful. I hope that you all can do something to resolve my issues but also do something about the quality of customer service several of us customers are having to deal with. As well the quality of some of these parts. For instance I have read about nearly a dozen people with recent purchases whose speedos do not work at all.

I had high hopes for upgrades and modifications but it seems I cant even get this bike to maintain a steady state as a platform, which is not acceptable.

Daniel Gallant

June 4, 2013, email response from CCW Canada Distributor: Visionary Motorsports:

Hello Daniel, I am not sure why you seem to be getting the run around with these issues. First off we are not in the habit of denying warranty to anyone, your issues sound legitimate and are warrantable. Next we are right here in Edmonton as well and we do have the stock batteries in stock, so there is no problem getting one of them. As far as all this negative press you seem to be finding, I would be interested to see this because as I stated earlier, we are not in the habit of denying warranty. The truth is those bikes run strong and are awesome machines, I’m sure if you look you will find many more positive review than negative. Remember also the complaining society we live in, people want to purchase the cheapest thing and expect it to outperform and outlast the most expensive thing.

As for your bike we cannot refund your money as we did not sell you the bike. What we can do is repair the bike for you. If you round up that bike and get it to us, we will return it to you as it was intended to be and how you should have gotten it in the first place. That is an awesome bike and you will be proud to own it when you get it back from us.

Mark Fedorvich

Technical Support

Visionary Motorsports

Phone: +1-780-487-7223 (Ext: 113)

June 4, 2013, email response from Daniel Gallant to CCW Canada Distributor: Visionary Motorsports:


I am unsure why I am getting the run around as well. I am sure your distribution company has a good reputation. I am not claiming you are denying warranty issues. I am surprised to hear you have stock batteries because the individual at Ames that booked me said you did not have any, he said there were none. I talked to him once in the morning the other day and again in the late afternoon; that was yesterday. Also he indicated that the batteries had no warranty, and fair enough, but after 3 weeks if the battery fails in my experience that is probably charging system or other electrical issue causing a short which could be a number of wiring issues. This would not surprise me at this point given the fact that pieces keep falling off the bike and coming loose consistantly, and already a major issue with electrical system; perhaps its a fluke and is a cell problem.

There are several locations of the social networking about Tha Heist and Misfit which include most major social network platforms. At this point I am not comfortable offering exact locations of those sites and networks because of the fact that we are compiling a comprehensive list to offer the Canadian distributor and CCW as a whole currently. We figure several of us having the same consistent issues will be better delivered. This will also allow customers to have a better voice than individually. As a published author and host of a high traffic blog in Canada, USA, and Europe I am holding off on publishing any issues as I am having in order for you as the distributor to resolve these issues. Again I do love this bike and do not want to get rid of it. I am just so frustrated with the amount and type of problems I am having after spending 4500.00 not even a month ago.

You are correct these motors have a good reputation and the frame is absolutely good. There is a pattern of electrical issues, fork troubles, sheered bolts, and troubles with PDI; by trouble with PDI I mean parts falling off the bike shortly after leaving the dealer.

As for the reviews, before I purchased the bike I found very little for critiques about these bikes. All of the main reviews were decent. That is what led me to purchase the bike. Test drives with bikes that are of a marketable standard is different than the experience I have had and the experiences of several others I have talked to at this point. I have been going out and finding more people lately. I will continue to do this. In our ‘complaining society’ as you stated it we know the only way to be heard loudly is through collectivity. I am well versed with this fact as I am a prominent national leader in several fronts pertaining to social justice issues. Perhaps I will at this point disagree with your position on what qualifies as a ‘complaining society’ and flip that around to point out that all to often corporations and policies step on people in subtle forms of abuse.

As for your comments on “people wanting to purchase the cheapest thing and expect it to outperform the most expensive thing” I must conclude that you are referring to the CCW product in question. I did not purchase this bike because it is cheap. I purchased it because I planned to build a bobber at the end of my Masters degree. Now that I have been contracted by the federal government after completing masters degree, which happened to be timely with the availability of CCW in Canada I purchased a bobber…not a cheap bike. I feel somewhat insulted by this line of comments from you as a representative of the distributor.

In regards to refunds, I never requested you as a distributor to refund my bike. I merely mentioned that is how much faith I have lost in this product and am bothered by the treatment I received from your dealers, as there are three others in Canada facing similar situations. One of which is already in motion of legal consult. I have encouraged this person to go through similar process I am going through to ensure all of us find appropriate resolve that you are legally bound too.

I am sure if this bike is delivered to me in the manner it was intended to be I will be a happy camper. I am in Edmonton until the 10th of June then I return to Prince George, and then I am off to the island. I plan to take my Heist with me and hope that I can encourage people to buy the product as opposed to some of the honest dialogue I have had with dozens of people thus far relating to my experience thus far.

I look forward to being a proud owner of Tha Heist.

Daniel Gallant

June 5, 2013, email response from CCW Canada Distributor: Visionary Motorsports:


I am happy to hear you love your bike. Before I get too far in about the

bike please let me apologize for anything I said that may have offended you.

I meant no malice to you what so ever or to anyone else with problems. I was

simply stating that a lot of people complain unfairly and have unreal

expectations of things. I make this comment solely based on internet forums

that I read and not specific to tha heist. An example of this is, the scion

IQ forums. I bought a new 2012 Scion IQ and I love it. This car is the

sweetest little ride money can buy in its class however people complain to

no end about all of its trimmings like the interior and the material pattern

on the seats. It sickens me the way they beat the car up about this stuff

when it is clear that the company was trying to put out an affordable

automobile. Many of the complaints make comparisons between this car and

much more expensive cars, it is simply not fair comparison. Another example

is and you have likely seen this one yourself, the youtube shootout between

tha heist and Japanese bikes. They beat up the bike over it ride comfort

when it is a rigid frame chopper and the others are cruisers with full

suspension. Is that fair comparison?

I would also like to clear up my comment about cheap a little. First off I

did not mean tha heist because I would not consider tha heist inexpensive,

as you well know $4500 is a good pile of cash. We sell the Linhai product

line as well and one of the units is the 260SE which is actually marketed as

Canada’s most affordable atv. You would not believe how many people buy this

to go riding with their friends who ride 800 and 1000cc can-am atvs. After

that they are angry that the unit could not keep up or climb as big hills.

The 260 has 21 horse power and travels at a top speed of 60kph, the can-am

has 80 plus horse power and can go over 120kph. This type of customer is

expecting the best when they paid for the least. This one particular product

is a bare bones model that lives up to and exceeds all of its advertising

boasts, now I can sympathize with a customer who has been lied to and told

it can do everything perfectly with power to spare that is different. So

this is all I was trying to say pertaining to negativity on forums. Again I

apologize if I offended you, that was not my intent.

I want to make sure your unit is correctly fixed and after that time I would

like to reset your warranty so that you get to receive and experience the

purchase of your motorcycle the way it should have been. It troubles me

deeply when customers are not treated properly and trust me, the dealers

that you have dealt with will be approached about this. I respect that you

do not want to share your sources of complaint about the product but please

when speaking to these ones affected with issues, let them know to contact

us the same way you did so we can fix their issues. I can tell you for a

fact that I have never ever denied one claim for these bikes and I have not

received a lot of claims.

If our product has a weakness we do want to fix it. We are not only selling

units and then running, we build product lines. We are always making factory

improvements and we support our product. Please be sure to spread the word

on that. Please have the three other individuals with issues contact me, I

will sort out their issues. We can only help when we know about an issue.

As for your battery, even though they are not technically warranty, they

still must work so a unit as new as yours would of course be covered. If I

bought a new motorcycle and the battery failed shortly after purchase you

can be sure I would want warranty. Both dealer you have dealt with have

asked for and received batteries on warranty many times.

Please contact me to arrange the work on your bike. My number here is

1-866-601-7433 ext 113

Mark Fedorvich

Technical Support

Visionary Motorsports

Phone: +1-780-487-7223 (Ext: 113)


I called Mark back and arranged to have Visionary Motorsports (CCW Canada) come to my brother’s house and pick up the motorcycle. They brought it back to me by the end of the day. I was impressed with that service.

I was told that most of the bolts had been re-tightened with lock-tight and that they replaced the control panel, accelerator cable and found a crack in the throttle grip tube so they replaced that as well. I was happy. Mark said if there were any further issues to let him know a.s.a.p.

I did not ride the bike for a couple days as it rained in Edmonton. After a few showers I noticed the bike was already starting to rust. I usually keep the bike indoors but the shop was full with a car and boat that were being worked on. I have never seen a bike rust in the matter of three days; especially a brand new bike.

June 11, 2013, email to Visionary Motorsports (CCW Canada) from Daniel Gallant:


I just took the bike out for first time. After 10km there is a major power failure with bike. Now I am left on side of road trouble shooting a brand new bike after getting it repaired yet again. Never have I had such a headache with a piece of machinery, especially a brand new bike.


Daniel Gallant

June 11, 2013, email to Visionary Motorsports (CCW Canada) from Daniel Gallant:

Mark and the visionary team,

So far i have found an additional broken part for safety switch on kickstand. The plastic part has busted, in addition the whole switch is loose and nearly falling off. I will keep you posted as I am stranded with bike yet again. This is three times in a month this bike has failed, along with additional issues. This us unacceptable for a month old bike and so few kms. Please get back to me asap.


Daniel Gallant

June 11, 2013, email to Visionary Motorsports (CCW Canada) from Daniel Gallant:

Hey all,

I found yet another issue, the bike ground is loose, it was not loose before Mark picked up the bike.

Also the key ignition switch seems to be loose yet again. The dealer in PG already repaired it once.

I will send further documentation as I am trouble shooting this bike on side of the road.


Daniel Gallant

June 11, 2013, email to Visionary Motorsports (CCW Canada) from Daniel Gallant:

Hey all,

I got some good news and more frustrating news. Good thing is I got bike going again. Bad news I have found several parts loose since getting back from Mark.

The battery box lid was not tightened and one bolt fell off while driving. Battery posts were not tightened. Main ground on bike was loose. Forward controls on bike came back loose.

I am seriously concerned about who was working on this bike. Prior to going to visionary these parts were solidly attached. Why is it this bike is like this when returned?

I am confused about how this happens. I hope someone from visionary calls me asap.


Daniel Gallant

June 11, 2013, email to Visionary Motorsports (CCW Canada) from Daniel Gallant:


The forward control bolt pin tightening nut was loose. I went to tighten the bolt pin for the forward controls and the bolt broke. I barely attempted to turn the bolt and it sheered off.

I was seriously trusting that this bike was going to be returned to me in the condition it was supposed to be in as promised by Mark.

What am I to do here?

Please help resolve this headache that cost me 4500$


Daniel Gallant


The end result was that I got a full refund due to quality issues with warranty, service, and parts. Overall I was gravely disappointed and would discourage anyone else from buying these products based upon my personal experience. I have since met many others through social media that have had similar experiences; thus, it appears that there is a pattern of similar situations such as mine.

IMG_0876 (1)

No more Mr. Gutsy


Article updates:

March 3, 2014 12:00 pm

I received a message today from CCW Australia-New Zealand.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.21.48 PM

They have threatened me with a defamation lawsuit. First here is the response from CWW Representative in Australia and New Zealand.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.28.59 PM

Here was the first message I received from CCW representative.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.17.15 PM

Note that the company representative makes two distinct claims:

1) that Harley Davidson is comparable in poor service

2) that CCW Canada has major issues

I wonder what both CCW headquarters and CCW Canada would say about this. Moreover, I wonder how the Harley Davidson Reps will respond after I contact them and tell them that my blog receives up to 2200 reads per day. Of course being the diplomatic person I am, I responded to this message:

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.17.01 PM

The representative then went on to threaten me with a defamation suit. Well that gives me all the more reason to contact my friends at Harley Davidson.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.16.51 PM

I welcome all comments and threats so I can show how this new emerging company, which I have had nothing but problems with, will attempt to bully me for speaking about my actual experience.

Added Update March 13, 2014

The unprofessionalism of CCW does not seem to cease. Due to the blog comments below this article, the owner of CCW expresses his passive aggressive anger against a former customer who has yet to have his situation rectified. As the owner of CCW has reiterated he feels that since I was given a full refund I should not critique his company. Interestingly enough he attempts to shut me up, while attacking other customers who expressed their experience. A sad display of online bullying and unprofessionalism.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 6.24.27 PM

This merely exemplifies the unprofessionalism of Scott, the owner of CCW. Here is his email:

Moving From Hate to Hope

This piece is written by feminist activist Danielle Paradis. She was assisting Chevi Rabbit today, who had organized From Hate to Hope rally. After Chevi suffered the trauma of a hate crime he organized two consecutive years of a successful and necessary event. I was honoured to be a part of this walk.


The man who embraced me was my brothers: former Chief Jerry Goodswimmer and Gary Moostoos.

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Poem: Would You Believe Me

This poem is currently unpublished. I thought it was appropriate following the 16×9 show “Supremacy: Brotherhood of Hate”.

ps. I am looking for a publishing house for my biography and poetry that follows suit with the genre I write.