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Today I found this blog that quoted my blog…It made me smile and feel appreciated.


Much like the tattoo process, I had to feel the pain and go through it.  I now know that the best way to to take pain, is to taste the pain. To embrace the pain. To lay back and breath, then when it becomes unbearable and my limit is reached, take a break. Then come back another day and taste the pain again.”   – DANIEL GALLANT

Pain.  It demands to be felt and demands recognition.  Self inflicted or not, any suffering we endure will be seemingly endless.  There is nothing on this earth that is capable of taking it away, but time.  All we can do is breath through it. Embrace it.  As time passes, the pain will merely fade. For the remainder of our lives, we will carry its memory with us.

Happiness doesn’t come as a result of receiving what we don’t have

…But instead by…

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Shapeshifting Images: Manifested Transformative Tattoo of Realism

I can’t wait for the release of the documentary trailer and website. I have watched the working draft and I was really impressed with the quality of production from the film maker, but anyone who knows Damien Gillis and his team will have an expectation of amazing film work.

#SFTU: Scholar(s) from the Underground

From Edm Journal

(picture by Edmonton Journal ~ Canwest Media Works)

Full of anger and hatred I pounded people’s faces into the pavement with a twisted drive of relentless energy.

Daniel (6 of 22)

(picture by Peter Rudge~DuckRabbit)

The Scars of Past that remained on my body are symbolic of the power hungry mechanism of hate that I bore in order to tunnel my inner turmoil and fear into the eyes, hearts, and centre  of my victims being; until I was forced to look at my self in a spiritual reflection within my son’s eyes. The day he was born I saw a mirrored child. He was a reflection of myself. I did not want him to be raised into a world of abuse and hate.

Daniel (5 of 22)

(picture by Peter Rudge~ DuckRabbit)

After years of self-reflection, personal development through dialogical post secondary studies, Cree-Saulteaux-Sioux cultural influence, and meaningful activism through writing, intelligence…

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The Challenges of Diversifying Metal and Other Heavy Music Scenes

I was interviewed for this piece. Check it out.


One of the most challenging chapters to write in my book, What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal, was the one dedicated to both historical and contemporary racism in the metal, hardcore, and punk scenes. In talking to acquaintances during the writing process, I observed lots of eye-rolling, and heard lots of questions along the lines of “Is there really a problem?,” alluding to the idea that perhaps the book might be a creative way to play and capitalize on (even though I’m not sure how one does that) the “Race Card.” Many a straight white man said to me, “Well, I haven’t had a problem. Music has no color,” as a way of trying to dismiss my book and thereby also dismiss countless interviews with those who’ve experienced otherwise.

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#SFTU: Iron Forest

Daniel Gallant ©

This poem and narrative are currently unpublished.

This poem is currently unpublished, but was featured prior in this blog. Here is the story that goes with this poem.

This is the narrative:

This is the poem:

Poem: Would You Believe Me

This poem is currently unpublished. I thought it was appropriate following the 16×9 show “Supremacy: Brotherhood of Hate”.

ps. I am looking for a publishing house for my biography and poetry that follows suit with the genre I write.




Racist Rhetoric

This poem is unpublished at this point. I am sharing as it simulates a lot of the online chatter I see about Idle No More. I have also heard these sorts of racist opinions by many people in coffee shops and other public spaces.

The racist language emulates the disgusting, vile and hateful messages that exist with Canada’s dominant culture. The attitudes of the vast majority towards First Nations is shifting. That is hopeful. But we have a long way to go.

Please remember that if you cannot read the text of these images that if you click on each one they expand for easy reading. Enjoy my friends.



Screen Shot Racist rhetoric Three

Totalitarians Scurry

This poem is from my manuscript called Bruised Faced Child (2012) ©.

It is about my personal journey, to date. It is self explanatory and suiting.