Media Interviews with Daniel Gallant

This is a list of articles and profiles for public reference.

Newspaper Links


Edmonton Journal – January 6 2006

Ex-skinhead seeks path of redemption

by Graham Andrews



Prince George Citizen – Feb. 9 2011

Are Prince George white supremacists gaining momentum?

by Frank Peebles


Prince George Citizen – Letter to the Editor, Feb. 11 2011

Many kinds of metal in the mix

by Sam Wright


Prince George Citizen – Letter to the Editor, Feb. 18 2011

Don’t disparage black metal scene 

by Leah Coghlan


Prince George Citizen – March 9 2011

Sharpeville remembered in P.G.

by Frank Peebles


Prince George Citizen – March 20 2011

The Powar of Love

by Frank Peebles


Prince George Citizen – March 21 2011

Anti-racists march on Monday

by Arthur Williams


Free Press – March 22 2011

Rally held to end racism

by Joe Fries


Prince George Citizen – March 22 2011

Bigotry still thrives, gathering told

by Frank Peebles



Prince George Citizen – June 27 2012

An education in the extreme: Daniel Gallant turns to learning as he moves from white supremacist to anti-racism crusader

by Ted Clarke



Windspeaker, V. 31 Issue 33 – 2013

Reformed neo-nazi skinhead UNBC masters student calls residential school system institutional white supremacy

by Deborah Steel


Prince George Citizen – May 16 2013

Former skinhead speaks out against residential schools

by Frank Peebles


Prince George Citizen – May 31 2013

What’s Happening Prince George

by Citizen Staff


Prince George Citizen – June 5 2013

What Chances did the farmers have if the Axis powers lost?

by Frank Peebles


Outwords: queer views: news issues – July 2013

Turning hate into advocacy

by Danielle Cloutier


Prince George Citizen -Nov. 4 2013

Former extremist brings anti-racism message to NY

by Frank Peebles



Prince George Citizen – May 23 2014

What Happening

by Citizen Staff


The Province – Sept. 21 2014

Canada steps up the fight against terrorist recruiters

by Paul Luke


Australia ABC National News

Ex-extremist: Terror attack in Canada was ‘inevitable’

by Clair Weaver


Australian Women’s Weekly – Oct. 24, 2014

Former Extremist says terror attack in Canada was ‘inevitable’  


Open Democracy

The pathway out of violence: my story within and without far-right extremism

by Daniel Gallant


Open Democracy

9/11: what we can do

by Daniel Gallant


Two Row Times

Expulsion of Native elder from Edmonton Mall sparks outrage


Two Row Times (Op-Ed)

From white racism to the Red Road

by Daniel Gallant

Two Row Times – Dec. 16, 2014

Neo-Nazi turned Native ally discusses white privilege in Canadian terror laws

by Tim Reynolds



VICE – August 4, 2015

The Deep: Dark web is getting some company soon – from Canadian cops

by Justin Ling


The Globe & Mail –  Feb. 13, 2015

Canada to combat jihadist recruiters with own social media campaign

by Tu Thanh Ha


Toronto Star & Metro News & Durham Region News – Feb. 16, 2015

New anti-terror program for schools adds ‘radicalization’ to three Rs



Calgary Herald – Feb 17, 2015

Group aims to curb youth radicalization through ‘Extreme Dialogue’

by Trevor Howell


Global National News – Feb. 17, 2015

New school program ‘Extreme Dialogue’ to fight radicalization of Canadian youth

by Reid Fiest


CBC – Feb 17, 2015

Anti-radicalization program launched in Calgary

Huffington Post Alberta – Feb. 17, 2015

Extreme Dialogue: New School-Based Program To Fight Radicalization

by Bill Graveland


CBC National: The Current – Feb. 18, 2015

Online anti-radicalization campaign creates dialogue on extremism


National Post – Feb. 19, 2015

White House Summit on ISIS Discusses Canadian Mom’s Project

by Alexander Panetta


VICE – Feb. 20, 2015

‘This Is Your Brain on Terrorism’: Countering Jihadist Propaganda Is Harder Than It Seems

by Alan Jones


Vancouver Sun & Ottawa Citizen – Feb. 28, 2015 & March 1, 2015

Former B.C. white supremacist speaks out against hate

by Bethany Lindsay


CBC, Feb. 28, 2015

ISIS recruitment: former white supremacist Daniel Gallant fights radicalization

by Daybreak South


EDMONTON JOURNAL – March 1, 2015

Daniel Gallant holds a photo of himself as a child and another of him when he was a white supremacist. Gallant is part of a project called Extreme Dialogue, which is funded by Public Safety Canada and is being used as a tool to counter the flood of extremist propaganda available to teenagers online.



CBC KAMLOOPS – March 2, 2015

New program educates teens about dangers of radicalization

by Samantha Garvey


Kamloops BC Now – March 2, 2015

Local Law Student Hopes To Highlight Dangers of Extremism

by Todd Hauptam


New Canadian Media – March 4, 2015

‘Extreme Dialogue’ Project Counters Extremist Propaganda

by Rhea Castillo


INFO NEWS – March 5, 2015

Former white supremacist and propagandist tells his story through counter propaganda resource

by Glynn Brothen


INFO NEWS – March 30, 2015

“Student association puts spotlight on institutional racism”

by Glynn Brothen


Global News – June 7, 2015

Anti-radicalizing workshop educating Canadians

by Shannon Cuciz


Ottawa Citizen – June 14, 2015

ISIL fighter’s mother offers voice for new approach to anti-radicalization

by Ian Macleod



CBC – Kamloops – Jan. 11, 2016

Former neo-Nazi provides his input, and boots, for B.C. play about racial violence

by Daybreak Kamloops

The Hill Times – Feb. 15, 2016

Are we ignoring the threat of xenophobic extremism in Canada?

by National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) ~ Communications Director Amira Elghawaby


Vice News – Feb. 19, 2016

Right-Wing Extremism is Thriving in Canada

by Rachel Browne


Cherry Docs




TRU Law student files human rights complaint



Kamloops This Week

TRU subject of human-rights complaint by law student, a reformed white supremacist




TV/Video Links






Context TV with Lorna Dueck

Radical Youth

by Molly Dow


CTV – June 7, 2015

Mother in Winnipeg to share story of how son died in Syria fighting for ISIS

by Ben Miljure


Global News – June 7, 2015:

Anti-radicalization groups educates Winnipeggers about the dangers of extremism


Calgary Herald – Feb 17, 2015

Group aims to curb youth radicalization through ‘Extreme Dialogue’

by Trevor Howell


CBC Television – Feb. 17, 2015

Anti-radicalization program launched in Calgary


CTV NEWS – Feb. 17, 2015


Global National News – Feb. 17, 2015

New school-based program tackles issue of radicalization


CFJC TV, Feb. 5, 2015

TRU Student Law Conference: Aboriginal Sentencing



CBC: News Alberta – Nov. 9, 2014

First Nations Elder Gary Moostoos faces racial discrimination

Minute 6:20 – 8:22



Global National, 16×9 – Feb. 2013

Brotherhood of Hate Online Story

Brotherhood of Hate Show (16×9)

Behind the Story Interview with Krysia Collier (Producer) 

Australian ABC Network: Talk About It (minute 46)




CBC Radio Edmonton – White Supremacist Bombings



CBC Radio Edmonton – Hate Group Activity



CBC Radio Calgary: Recent Hate Crimes


CBC Radio Edmonton: Recent Hate Crimes



CBC Radio: Prince George: Healing from Hate through Writing





THE LOOPCAST – March 5, 2015

A Discussion with Extreme Dialogue


CBC Radio Kamloops – March 2, 2015

Extreme Dialogue


CBC Radio Kamloops – March 2, 2015

New program educates teens about dangers of radicalization


CBC Radio, Daybreak South – Feb. 27, 2015

“Extreme Dialogue” aims to deter ISIS recruitment


CBC Radio National: The Current – Feb. 18, 2015

Online anti-radicalization campaign creates dialogue on extremism


630 CHED, Ryan Jespersen – Feb. 18, 2015

Daniel Gallant


CBC Radio, Calgary – Feb 17, 2015

Anti-radicalization program launched in Calgary


CBC Radio, Calgary – Feb. 17, 2015

Extreme Dialogue


CBC Radio: The Current – June 23, 2015

Post Charleston, some argue right wing extremism is terrorism

by Anna Marie Tremonti


CBC Radio: Daybreak Kamloops – Jan. 15, 2016

Kamloops play Cherry Docs features Dr. Martens boots from a former neo-Nazi who has turned his life around

by Jenifer Norwell



KCRW (Upcoming)



Thompson Rivers University: Paper Trails Magazine, On campus racism and vandalism, 2013

by Nigel Hanowski


Decibel Magazine Blog, May 5 2014

Ex-Skinhead: “This was never just about Inquisition”

by Justin M. Norton


Decibel Magazine (In-Print), July 2013 Issue #113

Interview with Daniel Gallant

by Justin M. Norton



AVE [Against Violent Extremism], Feb. 2013

Video Corner

University of Norther British Columbia, First Nations Studies Newsletter, Fall 2013

FNST Graduate Invited to Speak at Google Ideas Summit

First Nations Newsletter

AVE [Against Violent Extremism], May 28 2014

AVE [Against Violent Extremism], Jan. 03 2015

Formers & Survivors take centre stage in Far Right workshop


Blog Articles

Feminist Blogger


Daniel and Inquisition

Shamelessnavelgazing Blog article: Inquisitions and black metal’s fascism problem

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