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Soldiers of Odin: Exhibiting covert hatred


In the past I have written and have been interviewed about the Soldiers of Odin (SOO), in response to public statements made by the groups leadership.

For those who do not know me, I do a lot of public work regarding right wing extremist recruitment, radicalization, exiting right wing, de-radicalization, and advocacy so that government heeds right wing extremism. I have been identified as an expert due to my knowledge base that is a result of both lived experience within the right wing, and my exit out of violent extremism, and my research on the topic. My work has garnered attention and consult from the highest levels of law enforcement, security agencies, corporations, governments, world leaders, NGOs, and communities.

I have now become one of the forefront voices in breaking down the Soldiers of Odin’s public statements through logic and reasoning, which brings me to the most recent of issues related to the SOO’s public image as a non-racist charity group.

My Observations

First, it should be noted that factually Soldiers of Odin (SOO) are not an official charity organization, and their members often do support vigilante groups, organized crime and right wing extremist groups.

Secondly, while the SOO claim to not be comprised of racist members, the organization is born out of the neo-nazi movement. It is fair to say that not all members are racists, but it is also fair to say that all members are part of an organization birthed out of racism. Moreover, the SOO are discriminative and do target one particular identifiable group of Canadian citizens, namely Muslims. In my opinion, the general conclusions made about Muslims, by the SOO, are done so through a faulty and dangerous logic system; this type of reasoning and doctrine in what creates terror in our communities.

Police and Media

SOO have been diligent to garner Canadian media attention in order to gain more recruits. Their efforts have got a warm response from media and law enforcement agencies.

Naively, both media and law enforcement have fallen into, albeit unbeknownst, a trap of providing the impression that they support the Soldiers of Odin. Police and media alike need to pay heed to their own conduct in these matters, as both are becoming negligent. This is a dangerous and precarious position that only results in garnering more support for this dangerous anti-immigration group, which was born out of the white supremacist movement.

Claims: ‘We are not racist’

The SOO do claim to NOT be racist. They have appointed non-white leadership as evidence of this, and tout themselves at an anti-racist rally in BC. There are three main faults in these public relations tactics by the SOO.

Claim #1

First, and foremost, is that in spite of the fact that SOO has appointed a President who is of India descent, the highest ranking officers of the organization still maintain close ties to established white supremacists and white power groups. Moreover, the original critique I offered remains true today about the breakdown of the groups name itself. To further exemplify the SOO’s right wing conduct, one needs to note that I previously highlighted that the group’s leadership and members vilify those who oppose fascism. Any group who demonizes those who oppose the threat of fascism and hate groups reveal their own true nature.

Claim #2

Second, a group called Anti-Racist Canada (ARC) has demonstrated through numerous articles that the SOO do indeed have ranking members who are longstanding members of the violent white supremacist movement in Canada. In addition to the work of ARC, I too have collected similar documentation. However, my documentation spills into another point to which I am the only known source, of what some may find confusing, but explains the true nature of the SOO.

A little of Context

As we see here by Life-after-hate, which is comprised of former right wing extremists, the white power movement seeks to embed itself within our multi-cultural society. Moreover, I have written about this in my academic work. This is similar in dynamic as what we see happening in the black metal scene, which I was interviewed about in response to this band’s denial of nazism. I have also written articles in the past about how white supremacists are now going mainstream with their messaging by recruiting non-whites.

In fact, my own story evidences this. I was recruited by a member of the White Aryan Resistance who was a former Hammer Skinhead who himself was ‘half’ Dene (indigenous group from Northern BC). I highlight the word ‘half’ because this kind of speak actually embodies racism by measuring the concept of race, which is a socially constructed fallacy. My point is that the fact that there are people who are not white within the white supremacist movement is not a new phenomena.

Remember that Hitler guy, he did not have pure blood neither. Moreover, the Nazis had non-white political allies, and even had Muslim army allies; as did the Canadian white power group the Heritage Front who were allies with Khadafy in Libya. The Heritage Front had close ties to the Canadian Reform Party Prime Minister Candidate Preston Manning, and his right hand assistant Stephen Harper. This political network quickly becomes complex, which groups like the SOO capitalize on. Most people are not able to identify these issues, and if they do are unable to provide explanation for it. This is where my insights become valuable.

Claim #3

This brings me to the last highlighted tactic by SOO that I want to highlight.

Their touted non-white token President, who was highlighted in this article, has become propelled into the right wing doctrine that synthesizes the conduct of those recruited and radicalization into white supremacist groups. It is likely that this fellow is not even aware of this point. Moreover, he has probably already reached a point of no return. Most people who begin to spew out this sort of hatred and terrorizing propaganda often believe they are righteous in their cause. Unfortunately, it is at this point that they begin to merge their entire identity with the logos on their back. This is precisely how gangs and extremist groups essentially brainwash people. More often than not, these people either begin to alienate themselves from their own families and children, or they begin to radicalize those close to them. Thus, creating an environment of normalization, which is extremely dangerous.

This is where SOO are engaged with the very nature of indoctrination that I highlighted in my research in 2014; the white supremacist movement has morphed into what Dr. Derald Wing Sue refers to as the ethno-centric-mono-culture. This is also very similar to what is referred to as the Trump Effect, which is not a new political issue in Canada.

Tokenism in SOO

SOO’s token non-white President wrote this manifesto.


One does not have to examine to closely to see that there is a similar tone to that found within white nationalism or alt-right. Moreover, there is an obvious lack of critical thinking skills and utilization of generalized inferences and logical fallacies within this official statement by the SOO’s token President. This is evidence of the dangerous tones spewed by this organization. The underlying tone of this manifesto is discriminative and does target an identifiable group. Even if not racist, it is schismatic at best.

The issue is not whether the SOO President is correct or incorrect, the problem lays within the analysis. The logic and reasoning relied upon in order to get to the conclusion reached in this manifesto is of similar reasoning patterns that is relied upon by the white supremacist movement, which is similar in its conduct to that of most political propaganda.

Political rhetoric that results in communication and messaging that fundamentally relies upon logical fallacy, does not hold up to logic testing, and applies a generalized inference from the correlation of facts that do not offer evidence of cause and effect relationships, is a dangerous doctrine. This is common within right wing extremist doctrine.

Encouraging Dialogue

All of this said, I encourage to the SOO, and its critics alike, to get a better understanding of the points that I highlight.

I should also mention that I have spoke to and invited the Soldiers of Odin’s leadership to meet up with me to engage in dialogue. Both the SOO’s National President Joel Angott, and BC Provincial Leader Bill Daniels refused to engage in this dialogue. In my view this is because they are afraid to meet with someone who has solid and legitimate skill set and ability to breakdown their narratives. If faced with un-refutable facts and logic, they will be forced to respond in one of two ways:

  1. admit they are wrong, or
  2. rely upon the inevitable tactic of right wing extremism, violence, and remain in denial in the face of logic and reasoning.

An organization that is without a solid and sound doctrine is nothing more than a cult, propagandist machine, and potentially dangerous hate group. Through its own conduct the SOO is proving to people, like myself, that they are a threat to Canadian values.

The SOO can cloak itself in good will, but the incongruence of values, words and actions will become transparent eventually. If our communities, media and law enforcement do not act before it is too late this organization will result in unprecedented damage to our national equilibrium.

Any public official who continues to refer to this organization as a benign threat will eventually be forced to fess up to their own foolery.

My First Book: Bruise Faced Child


(Photo by Brent Braaten – Prince George Citizen)

As many of you know, my childhood and youth were fraught with abuse, violence and adversity. For the last fifteen years, I have worked my ass off and completed 2 degrees, including a Masters in Social Work; now near complete a Law Degree.

Recently I published my first book: Bruise Faced Child (Click on link to purchase a copy in USA).

Or this link to buy from Canada.


The Prince George Citizen has published this article about my book.




Cultural Native Pride Vs. White Racial Pride

I wrote this blog article in response to many comments I read online in response to the Inquisition interview I did about the Black Metal band Inquisition. I am now posting this article because of similar responses I have heard about the Braves use of racist mascot.

The concept of race is complex and often confuses people. Often people do not know how to discern the difference between race, ethnicity and culture. We have learned from science that race is a social construction. Research has proven that the phenotypes of the human body i.e. eye color, hair color, skin color are not determinants of a person’s intelligence, behavior, nor criminality. A person’s skin color is not guide the reason for their behavior. Language and culture influence a person’s worldview and behavior, along with other biological determinants, which of course have nothing to do with color of skin.

The concept of race and the practice of racialization often result in racism. There are more similarities between people than there are differences. Race is only as important as a particular society emphasizes it to be.

Before the Americas were ‘discovered’ the indigenous peoples referred to the land base of North and South America as Turtle Island. There were as many indigenous cultures as there were languages. There were complex societies and governance systems in place. People were seen as people. Colonization has resulted in divisiveness amongst peoples and land. Indigenous cultural revitalization movements have formed a collective voice that takes pride in beautiful and resilient relationships with land, language and people. This revitalization is sometimes referred to as Native Pride.

Native Pride is a social movement of healing indigenous cultures, after a legacy of atrocity perpetrated by a white supremacist regime. The indigenous cultural revitalization and healing movement has a strong and prominent position, as it should. Canada should have pride in this fact. First Nations’ identity has proven to be a resilient spirit that is not restricted by time, space, or by colonization. Native Pride is not about hate.

The history of Canada has proven to be entrenched in a racist worldview. The Canadian federal government is still racist, and because of that racist laws still exist. The evidence is seen in the treatment of First Nations peoples, which is justified through legislation i.e. Indian Act.

The Indian Act has resulted in the decimation of indigenous peoples, land, culture and language. Colonization has resulted in genocidal atrocities committed against indigenous peoples. The Indian Act justified the imposition of racist laws that banned cultural practices i.e. prohibition of language, cultural ceremonies, indigenous governance. Assimilation programs, like the residential schools, were put into action. The plan of the federal government was to exterminate indigenous ways of being. The racist law and worldview of the colonial government intended to exterminate indigenous cultures, if not it would likely have exterminated indigenous peoples similarly to the USA. The justification for racism was based in a combination of religion, science and law.

In part, the belief system that inspired systemic genocide was called manifest destiny. This racist belief structure had roots within racist science, religion and politics. It was a belief that the inferior race of ‘savages’ was to be civilized and converted to Christianity. This perverse interpretation of religious doctrine and faith fuelled the decimation of the First Peoples of Turtle Island.

Since the late 1800s, Canada has continued on with the legacy of a racist agenda that has resulted in the murder and torture of tens of thousands of indigenous children in residential schools. The indigenous population was never ‘conquered’ in Canada. The Canadian government entered into Treaty Agreements with many First Nations, with some exceptions. The Canadian Government has continuously disregarded historic treaties with First Nations peoples. First Nations peoples are the only group in Canada who are consistently threatened by the Canadian Government with military force. The Federal Government often functions as if it is a consistent enemy of the indigenous peoples. Systemic racism is still in motion and so is day-to-day racism.

The Indian Act of Canada determines Indian Status (citizenship) by means of what we call blood quantum, which is actually a socially constructed mathematical formula that measures Indian-ness based in a de-bunked science from the era of manifest destiny. This mathematical formula that is still in place and is at its core extremely racist and by definition is Apartheid. If any other legislation were introduced that mathematically measured someone’s race it would be surely be squashed as a violation of Human Rights. Native-ness or indigeniety is not measured by blood quantum.

Native Pride has emerged out of the imposed colonial campaign that launched genocide against the indigenous peoples on Turtle Island, which was initiated by Europeans. Indigenous identity and education is rooted within the cultural teachings found in the language and ceremonies that connect peoples with the land. It was not until just over 50 years ago that had changed when complex changes were made to the Indian Act. Between 1952 and 1985 these changes included lifting prohibition of cultural practices, right to vote and other Constitutional issues. In the 1970s the indigenous healing movement emerged and was made accessible to the larger population, after remaining an underground social movement due to the legislative prohibitions. Cultural revitalization, after an era of oppression, became central to Native Pride.

In Canada we often hear statements, from non-indigenous Canadians, that are demeaning and racist towards First Nations people. These comments echo the racism that indigenous peoples have suffered historically, and still experience today e.g.:

  • Canada has compensated First Nations enough for the residential school stuff, when is enough, enough?
  • First Nations’ receive plenty of special treatment e.g. free education and money, free hunting and fishing, and free houses on reserve lands.
  • I am not my ancestors, I cannot and will not be held accountable for the bad things they did to First Nations peoples.
  • If natives can have Native Pride why am I am I called a racist for having White Pride?

Canada offers all people freedom of expression with limitations, of course. The limits to free expression, or freedom of speech, end when we begin to promote violence and or genocide of identifiable groups. The Criminal Code of Canada does have a Hate Crimes section that ineffectively deals with these limitations to free speech. Under Section 13 of the Human Rights Act of Canada people had an alternative process to deal with hateful messages. However, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has recently repealed Section 13. Harper’s government stripped Canadians of this alternative process.

The right wing Conservatives, who had historic ties to several Canadian and American white supremacist terrorists, felt that hate crimes legislation was appropriate to deal with hate crimes and that Section 13 was unnecessary. According to Human Rights organizations and lawyer Richard Warman the decision to repeal Section 13 was a deficient direction that would surely be celebrated by right wing extremists and terrorists.

White supremacists, neo-Nazis and other right wing extremist types have been diligently attempting to water down and whitewash the racist movement in North America to what is sometimes referred to as ‘white nationalism.’ Another term utilized by this social movement is White Pride. In fact, the idea of White Pride as opposed to White Power is encouraged by some of the most dangerous white supremacists in North America and functions as the central motif of the Nazi-esque worldview. Some people ask:

“If First Nations can have Native Pride why can’t ‘whites’ have White Pride?”

White people have not, and do not, face systemic racism, oppression and genocide; in spite of what white supremacists and Nazi-types claim. White Pride is dogmatic disguising of extremist right wing ideology and is entrenched in the idea that white people are somehow facing oppression. In fact, white people are not facing oppression. However, we do live in a rapidly changing society due to globalization. This can result in the dominant ‘white’ society, feeling their privilege slowly slipping away.

Canadian society is experiencing a social growth spurt and as a result many ‘white’ people are uncomfortable with, and resistant to, the changes our society is experiencing. This trend of gripping onto white supremacist dogma, seemingly perpetrated by ‘white’ men, is likely unbeknownst to most due to a lack of critical thinking skills. Most people who believe they are not racist become entrenched in defensiveness when confronted on their subtle and inherent racist declarations.

Race was socially constructed as a way to divide people. Racialization does not empower anyone, except the dominant class that racially identifies and positions itself above others. In order for the dominant class to maintain its grip of power-over ‘other-ed’ groups it must resist and refuse to relinquish their dominion, power and social privilege.

White Pride is not about culture, because it has everything to do with race and power. There is no singular ‘white culture.’ Also, there is no singular Native culture but the European colonial government did apply white supremacist policy to most indigenous peoples. Native Pride is about the reconstitution and reclamation of cultural identity that was restricted through genocidal processes. Indigenous peoples have been forced to collectively respond to systemic racism and persecution. Native Pride is not about race and is a cultural revitalization social movement. Whereas, White Pride is rooted within white supremacy and or the discomfort with a decreasing amount of privilege that comes at the cost of injustices served unto indigenous peoples.

Any person, or group, that is deluded to believe White Pride is not racist needs to be challenged directly. Any person or organization that believes that ‘whites’ are experiencing oppression or racism do not understand what these concepts mean. Public conversations are necessary in order for social learning to be achieved. Public education and dialogue is essential in order to challenge these racist rationalizations.

Un-learning will only be achieved once we openly negotiate these conversations publicly. White Pride is inherently a racist realization. Native Pride is a path to reclamation of indigenous voice and vision, and is not based in racial assertions.



Daniel Gallant and the Inquisition


Here is a list of published interviews and articles written in heavy metal magazines as a result of my work over the last several years.

I am putting them in chronological order for your reference…but first, here is a summary of the background story to go along with my interview [which you can view here, but I recommend you read them all to understand context].

…I had posted blog articles about several black metal bands who have affiliation with right wing extremists and terrorist individuals and or groups. I did however remove the articles a little over a year ago. I removed them because of the amount of energy I exerted in countering the blow back and threats I was receiving during my Masters Thesis writing on the topic of counter terrorism.

Since that time I have started to do research for a book I am currently writing. I have been doing interviews with band members and others who have experience with right wing extremism, anti-Semitism and racism within the metal scene. I will be revealing facts about the emergence of the heavy metal scene and white supremacist movement that has become fairly prevalent in Western Canada. The networks seem to be centralized in Alberta, more specifically in Edmonton.

I have been researching public activity of several bands and their members for several years. In several instances, I have had past affiliations with many of these individuals while I was a white supremacist. I was acquaintances and or friends with many of these people. Me and another individual had initiated a network that bridged both the white supremacist movement and black metal community in Edmonton. Shortly after this time I had left the white power movement.

As my life continued to transform people began to ask me to do public speaking events. I continued with my educational path and became increasingly more articulate. I started to hone my critical thinking skills through a combination of lived experience and education. Through my professional career as a social service manager, counsellor and researcher my voice has been amplified through media sources and other forms of public engagement, via my writing. Throughout all of the work I have done on the existing links between right wing extremists, along with their sympathizers, and black metal’rs within the metal scene. The mainstream media has refused to address this issue, until recently.

In the last week the heavy metal community in North America has been conversing about this topic. I am sure these discussions are not yet over. The black metal band Inquisition was on the Metal Alliance tour bill. To play on this bill with more mainstream bands was a major break for Inquisition. However, with a mainstream presence the lingering connections Inquisition boasted of has come to bite them in the ass. Jason (aka Dagon) claims his music is artistic and metaphoric, but with other considerations such as symbolism, music lyrics, personal connections, statements and online activity it is very clear there is more than just artistic representation of Nazism. I will throw Dagon a bone though, perhaps his who life is centred around being an artistic and therefore he feels he can say and do what he pleases, no matter the cost of how it impacts and harms others. Surely the dissemination of hatred does in fact hurt others, surely Jason ‘Dagon’ must understand this.

A fellow blogger read my comments on a mutual friend’s facebook status. This mutual friend understands the depths of racism within the metal scene from lived experience. It seems most people do not support her perspective, I would suggest that is because the metal scene is predominantly white males; angry white males. My dear friend is a courageous woman who promotes diversity within the metal scene. She has even wrote a book about this topic. My fellow blogger then wrote this article on his blog. There are people whom I love and care for within the metal scene who continue to face racism, discrimination and right wing extremists. These right wingers do not care about the feelings of those they are harming. As I was a vehement white supremacist I understand these dynamics and will step forward to speak directly to those that are disseminating hatred and deliberately hurting people, or at minimum seemingly apathetic to causing discomfort to others.

The above blog article then resulted in this heavy metal article that conferred that Inquisition were probably Nazi.

I then received a tweet from Decibel Magazine. Decibel challenged me to ‘go on record.’


Before Decibel would confirm a time to interview me they interviewed Jason, front man of Inquisition. Jason claims he is not a Nazi. Perhaps his right wing leanings and promotion of violence is not Nazism by definition, but then again maybe that is just semantics to deter from the point. In all fairness to the band and me, both, I never did call them Nazis.

Even Jason Dagon’s fans begin to berate him as a result of his double talk, lack of integrity, and his obvious self-contradictions. There are hundreds of comments within the online pool I have waded through. Here are a few samples.



Dagon needs backup



One of Inquisition’s fans posted this claiming it was Jason aka Dagon (who goes by 88MM as his black metal forum handle on FMP666) who posted this comment:


Then this online magazine picked up the story.

Then, this one.

Then, the blogger who first broke this story last week posted this follow up article.

Then, online magazine MetalSucks offered this analysis.

Then the first magazine that broke the story into the mainstream wrote this follow up.

Last but not least Decibel Magazine interviewed me and was published Monday May 5, 2014. I find it quite interesting that I was interviewed by a reputable heavy metal magazine, and I do not play any instruments. That is the comedic part, but none of this stuff is actually humorous. It is sad and disturbing.

Then there was another follow-up article here.

Lastly, the first metal magazine to publish an article on this matter posted this story.

Inquisition and black metal’s fascism problem

Here is a blog article I was interviewed for, which is about a nazi black metal band:

Here is an interview with Gyibaaw on CBC on this very topic. I had written articles about this band a couple of years ago, I took them down as I am now writing a book on this subject.

I am so pleased to finally see that this information is being used by someone else.



It was only at the end of last year that I became aware of US black metal band Inquisition, thanks to the appearance of their latest album Obscure Verses for the Multiverse on numerous critics’ end-of-year lists. Upon first listening, the main things that struck me included the oddly croaky, reptilian voice of singer/guitarist Jason Weirbach (aka Dagon), as well as the fact that all the songs sounded quite samey, given the ubiquity of their monolithic assemblage of thick riffs and relentless blastbeats. Quickly though, I grew to appreciate the band’s unique sound, and delved further into their back catalogue. This did lead me to develop some concerns about their material, the song “Crush the Jewish Prophet” from Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer being the most obvious example. If the song was an anti-Christian critique in the black metal tradition, as it appeared to be based on its lyrics, why was it necessary to…

View original post 1,468 more words

Tangled in Hair

This poem was not previously published. This blog article is written intentionally with poor grammar and references.

As I return to the city I was homeless in, where we filmed the documentary piece for Global’s 16×9 Brotherhood of Hate.

I am reminded of where I have been, what I have seen, and what I have done in the past.

I remember the security I felt in a Scarved Embrace when recalling the realities of God is Dead. I recall that my Letter to Matthew was inspired by the same aspect of myself that allowed my Mirrored Child to come forth. As I step forth in this city I am Bleeding Tears Pores Sting thick while battling the truth about how Gossip is Personal. Blue Life brings me to My Daughter Loves to Joke in a way that makes Totalitarians Scurry. I have Prism Tears remembering She Danced with Ancients Fade.

She was As Real As I, but she stays clad in the Iron Forest where she recalls that the Minus the One on a Cryptic Night. I am left fraught with What to do with a small fox who carries an albatross. i hope to tear down Cold Brick Walls, which cannot be achieved without Existential Liberation from Emotional Rape. I feel Stiff as the Beat and Rape and Pound sows Rape’s Seed deep in my work, as Await(s), Shethe Bee.

My heart is heavy and my hair is tangled. 


A Public Reference: Links to media interviews with Daniel Gallant

This is a list of articles and profiles for public reference.

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Decibel Magazine Blog, May 5 2014

Ex-Skinhead: “This was never just about Inquisition”

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Decibel Magazine (In-Print), July 2013 Issue #113

Interview with Daniel Gallant

by Justin M. Norton



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University of Norther British Columbia, First Nations Studies Newsletter, Fall 2013

FNST Graduate Invited to Speak at Google Ideas Summit

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AVE [Against Violent Extremism], May 28 2014

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2004: CBC Radio: Edmonton: White Supremacist Bombings

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Prince George Indigenous Band Speaks about White Supremacist Black Metal Bands

This blog has featured several bands from the Black Metal scene who maintain white supremacist and neo-Nazi National Socialist values and ideology. Tonight I am pleased to offer a CBC Radio interview with two First Nations fellows I know well from northern BC. Their band name is the Salt Water Brothers. I went to post-secondary school with these lads.

Spencer  Greening and Jeremy Pahl approached a few years ago in the university after seeing an article about me in a local Prince George newspaper. He told me that they played in a First Nations, T’simshian, Black Metal band. He told me how they suspected many people in their circle were white supremacists. I indicated that the presumption that Black metal bands are often white supremacist was true. I indicated I was familiar with many of the guys he was suspicious about. They asked if I would come to a concert in Prince George and see if I may know members from a band that was from Edmonton who was in town Begrime Exemious. They asked me to come because they knew I was a former racist skinhead  from Edmonton.

I attended the concert and low and behold the front man in the the band was a young lad that I had recruited into the white supremacist movement many years ago. I spoke with the singer of Begrime, Brian Leland for the first time in ten years. The last time I had spoke to him he ended up retreating to another province after we had a falling out. Needless to say I was an abusive arsehole at that time in my life. Brian was a youth I recruited and who looked up to me a lot. I had no care, nor concern for him at that time. I hurt him. This still bothers me today, along with the other hundreds of violent crimes I had committed.

After the concert I de-briefed with Spencer and Jeremy. They later asked me to drive their tour bus for them. I drove their band’s tour bus for a week throughout BC on their Canadian Tour. They were on tour with the headliner band Inquisition, who are white supremacists. I featured these neo-Nazis in this past article. However, Jeremy and Spencer did not fully believe that the band the looked up to could be white supremacists or neo-Nazis. After I made it apparent and unfolded facts that the band members from inquisition were linked to the same organization I once belonged to solidified my claims.

Needless to say these events did impact Jeremy and Spencer in many negative ways, as it would for any logical person. To discover many of your peers are actually racists and white supremacists would present a challenging position for any person who did not share those values. It is unfortunate that Black Metal has gone mainstream to the point where you can buy the  band BURZUM’s albums in local music stores. BURZUM are National Socialist racists, yet this bands music is sold in nearly every record store in Canada. Local music shops sell BURZUM T-shirts even. I see BURZUM T-shirts in high schools and even on UNBC campus.  The bands that Jeremy and Spencer are discussing in this CBC interview are the same bands I have featured in my blog articles; along with many others I have not yet got too. Be patient…I will be featuring more bands as time comes.

Now to spotlight these brave indigenous musicians:

Jeremy Pahl, a local indigenous musician, who had written a letter for one of my blog articles about Prince George white supremacists and local hate crimes.

Spencer Greening, Jeremy’s cousin, talk about their journey from being a Black Metal band to an acoustic political activist band.

Facebook Profile

Facebook Profile Pic

These boys have transformed from a power based metal band to cultural representation of the resiliency of indigenous cultures. They mix humour with serious political issues such as genocide, racism, and environmental issues. It is my hope that Jeremy and Spencer will continue to carry on with their impressive work.

This interview on CBC was awesome. I especially like how the make out these Black Metal bands to be foolish and ridiculous. That is because they are.

Unfortunately many people are stuck in mindsets of hate. We can look at the bands like Inquisition, Begrime Exemious, Oroborous, Godless North, and even Blasphemy.

It is nice to hear a success story about youth who have walked away from a genre of music filled with hatred and white supremacist ideologies and (neo-)Nazi symbolism.