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My First Book: Bruise Faced Child


(Photo by Brent Braaten – Prince George Citizen)

As many of you know, my childhood and youth were fraught with abuse, violence and adversity. For the last fifteen years, I have worked my ass off and completed 2 degrees, including a Masters in Social Work; now near complete a Law Degree.

Recently I published my first book: Bruise Faced Child (Click on link to purchase a copy in USA).

Or this link to buy from Canada.


The Prince George Citizen has published this article about my book.




The Organ of Hate & Love

The organs’ vibrations can be masked and braided or even twisted. Music is the structure of each organ’s function in the body of life that justifies and vacillates expression.

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Lines Away


This piece is currently unpublished…but this one will be. Trust Me.


Lines Away.Screen Shot

Glass Knuckle Stories


This piece is currently unpublished.

Glass.Knuckle.Stories.Screen Shot

Muster’D Tree

A mustard seed is sown, then grows through complex nutrients. The Mustard Tree becomes a metaphor for the abused who seek refuge in healthy love. I muster’d at the tree.

…here is my story about my time at the Muster’d Tree…I have been waiting for.


Musterd.Tree.1.Screen Shot

Musterd.Tree.2.Screen Shot

Worth, What?

Last night I had a conversation with my good friend and writing mentor. He shared several new literary pieces he wrote for his 9th book. After that we had some dialogue about relationships. I was challenged to consider a simple fact. This consideration I have been mulling over reminds me of a journey I shared with a friend…who is distant.

First, is this music video by Bad Religion.

This video is paramount to contextualize memory and creative expression this poetic contribution I offer.

Second, is this self reflection.


Moving From Hate to Hope

This piece is written by feminist activist Danielle Paradis. She was assisting Chevi Rabbit today, who had organized From Hate to Hope rally. After Chevi suffered the trauma of a hate crime he organized two consecutive years of a successful and necessary event. I was honoured to be a part of this walk.


The man who embraced me was my brothers: former Chief Jerry Goodswimmer and Gary Moostoos.

Reminiscent Bee Poem

I have always dreamed of having a loving relationship; for years I have been dreaming of raising Bees.

This piece is one of several included within a 30 page manuscript for promising emerging writers competition I entered with the UNBC Art Council, which I was awarded a second place award. There will be a reading and presentation for this award in September 2013.


Awaits, She

This poem is currently unpublished © 2012.

This poem was inspired by love. The first line in this piece is linked to my published poem (SFU: West Coast Line No. 72, 2012) called Blue Life, which was dedicated to one of my daughters. This Poem Awaits, She re-visited me today. I read it out loud. It reminded me. It told me. Corrected me.

It is so easy for everything to be insignificant and meaningless in function of a mechanical existence. It takes a lot of work to be organic and purposeful. It can take a lot out of you when you decide to live for the sake of living. Sometimes a book and warm soup dove tailed with a few sweet memories will suffice, and other times memories and comfort is not enough. We make the choices we make.

Sometimes causing mourning is necessary in order to establish our next morning.



#SFTU: Iron Forest

Daniel Gallant ©

This poem and narrative are currently unpublished.

This poem is currently unpublished, but was featured prior in this blog. Here is the story that goes with this poem.

This is the narrative:

This is the poem: