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My First Book: Bruise Faced Child


(Photo by Brent Braaten – Prince George Citizen)

As many of you know, my childhood and youth were fraught with abuse, violence and adversity. For the last fifteen years, I have worked my ass off and completed 2 degrees, including a Masters in Social Work; now near complete a Law Degree.

Recently I published my first book: Bruise Faced Child (Click on link to purchase a copy in USA).

Or this link to buy from Canada.


The Prince George Citizen has published this article about my book.




Voo-Doo: Life and Death; With a Tattoo

People often ask me about this tattoo.


It was the last of the one’s from my old life. Here is a picture, then a list of symbolism and then a poem.



1. Pierced to skin, like I am stuck to physical life (or as my friend Ange Sterrit said to me when we lived on the streets together; stuck on the physical plain)

2. Rope/noose is my suicide attempts

3. Stitched doll is a product of society or POE: Product Of Environment. The singleness of character of the doll is me being alone and hanging out in life. Anonymous or unidentifiable doll is that it could be me or many of my friends and many other youth in society…many people like me

4. Xs as eyes is intoxication

5. The tongue hanging out is being exhausted from physical life

6. The pins are 3 white power tattoos on front of my body and two white power tattoos on back of my body

With.Tattoo.Screen Shot.2014

With.Tattoo.Screen Shot.2014.b

Glass Knuckle Stories


This piece is currently unpublished.

Glass.Knuckle.Stories.Screen Shot

Ekphrasis at the Groop Gallery: Part IV of IV



This poem was contributed (by me) to the Ekphrasis event. The picture that inspired this piece was called Covenant by Joanne Francis, which was displayed at the Groop Gallery.


Ekphrasis at the Groop Gallery: Part II of IV

This poem was written with the inspiration from Chrystal Desharmais’s Painting “The Healer” which was exhibited at the Groop Gallery. My writing mentor said that this painting reminded him of Goya‘s work. I listened to his passionate description of Goya’s work and the stories that go with his paintings. I realized that morning while me and my mentor were talking that art can have a deep profound connectivity. I reflected on how honoured I am to be asked by Al Rempel to participate in this type of event.


Gossip is Personal

This poem is currently unpublished but here is a soundcloud.

I posted the text and story of this poem in the past here.

Daniel Gallant ©

Bleeding Tears Pores Sting

This poem is in posted in celebration tonight. Love and connectivity is a beautiful thing. The lessons I have learnt in ceremony are appreciated and never taken for granted.



Relatively Applicable Poetry: Gossip is Personal

This poem was read at the artivism Men Resisting Violence Against Women event in 2012. Today after receiving a lot of defamatory, degrading and threatening emails and posts in the cyber-sphere, in response to my latest blogs, I re-visit this poem and share with you. This poem reflects what is happening in the Black Metal and white supremacist online forums which utters threats and saying cruel things about me; which is nothing but expected.

I lived in that prison of self deceptive loathing far to long in my life. I understand their hatred well. I have been free from those shackles for many years. For me, this poem is important, but more importantly my motivation for posting this is to encourage others to not engage in bullying.

Now about this piece, it manifested during a social work class I was taking. A fellow classmate who was saying derogatory things about me when I walked into the room.  He was going off about my critical analysis of structural issues relating to racism, social policy and social work. For whatever reason, unbeknownst to me, he obviously takes a major issue with who I am and the way I articulate myself about how social work and MCFD operates on delegated authority through racist social policy (Indian Act and CFCSA); nonetheless, people do as people do.

This situation sparked the inspiration for this poem.I often refer to gossip as being social warfare. Gossip hurts. I have participated in gossip in the past, and I have been hurt by gossip. I have defined what gossip is. Now I consciously do my utmost to not participate, nor to allow gossip to transpire around me. When people gossip in front of me at school, work or other situations I will either name it or disengage with discussions and people. My blog does not consist as gossip due to the literal meaning of the word “gossip”.

For me gossip is identified when a person engages in personal discussions about another person’s life, behaviour and situation in a manner that is not transparent. Often ‘behind their back’. I find, that gossipers usually have something to hide. It is my opinion that this is because the person partaking in gossip is displacing energy that assists in deflecting and displacing, while projecting, their own issues.

Gossip is often shielded by secrecy. Intentions of the gossiper  are anything but compassionate.

Gossip can include truth. In situations, like the one that inspired this poem, the person (me) being gossiped about is under attack for not conforming to a particular social norm. Scapegoats are often people who do not fit into little social boxes.

The fellow classmate who was initiating gossip was scapegoating me in his social warfare. The week prior he was gossiping about other classmates to me; I merely said, in the sake of transparency:

“I wonder how that person would feel if he knew you were saying these things”

His response was,

“hahaha, I don’t care”

I knew in that moment, along with another instance that I had to separate myself from this individual. These social dynamics are toxic and utterly hurtful. I believe that gossip is about gaining social power over others who, for whatever reason, are perceived threats to the gossiper.

It is unfortunate that in a social work program with grown adults, over the age of 30, that these individuals feel the need to engage with this type of oppressive violent behaviour. Gossip is violent. Gossip is personal.



I understand that I have opened myself up to many things to be said about me both good and bad throughout the postings in this blog. I am ok with being verbally attacked by people whom are engaged with the social circles and people mentioned in the previous posts. I hope to participate in sharing and relating with others.

Totalitarians Scurry

This poem is from my manuscript called Bruised Faced Child (2012) ©.

It is about my personal journey, to date. It is self explanatory and suiting. 


I Contend Her Creation

In order to break things up and to keep this blog focussed on the spirit of my healing journey, I offer you this poem in balance of the coming five-part-blog-series.


This poem was published in the West Coast Line no. 72, 2012.