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Lines Away


This piece is currently unpublished…but this one will be. Trust Me.


Lines Away.Screen Shot

Muster’D Tree

A mustard seed is sown, then grows through complex nutrients. The Mustard Tree becomes a metaphor for the abused who seek refuge in healthy love. I muster’d at the tree.

…here is my story about my time at the Muster’d Tree…I have been waiting for.


Musterd.Tree.1.Screen Shot

Musterd.Tree.2.Screen Shot



What To Do (with a fox who carries the burden of an albatross)

This poem is currently unpublished.Image

Bleeding Tears Pores Sting

This poem is in posted in celebration tonight. Love and connectivity is a beautiful thing. The lessons I have learnt in ceremony are appreciated and never taken for granted.



Blue Life (for Daryan Gallant)

Blue Life (for Daryan Gallant)

Published in the West Coast Line Literary Journal no. 72, 2012.